Monday, June 8, 2015

A Day In The Life

This past weekend Joel officiated at our niece's wedding at the Mississippi Dunes Golf Resort in a suburb of St. Paul MN.  They were married with the Mississippi river .as a backdrop.  How cool is that.  The setting was beautiful, and so was the wedding!  The ceremony, reception and dance were great fun!  We so enjoyed hugging on our family and extended family. 

Whitney, Brendan, and Joel standing behind
Whitney and Brendan at Mississippi...

One of the fun things about this wedding is that Joel officiated at our niece's parents wedding, too, just over 30 years ago, and now she was married by the same pastor (Uncle Joel) as her parents (brother-in-law Joel).  It is also a bit sobering.  How time passes.......

We could not help but think about our own marriage of nearly 47 years and reflect on our ceremony.  We were scared young kids with all life's experiences still ahead.  We have a recording of our ceremony and my voice was so quiet and timid!  And here we are so many years later more in love than ever.

We brought our camera along but forgot it at the hotel.  Our daughter took a couple of pictures of me with our son-in-law and son, but none of us together or of the wedding to speak of. 

Our son Mark and me

Our son-in-law Kevin and me
Aunt Janelle, family cousin Katie, and Grandma Jo of the bride
I am so upset we did not get around to take more pictures.  They did have a great photographer and I look forward to seeing those photos some day. 

It is only a day in the life of this married couple, but it is wonderful that it went so well, the weather cooperated, and there were no glitches.  Their memories will be held close over the years even as they continue to make new ones.  Blessings, Whitney and Brendan.  Blessings.


Sharon said...

Well, congratulations all around! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. And how special - the tradition of Joel officiating! I'm sure it meant a lot to him, too.


Anonymous said...

How fun for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon! Great time!