Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Word Power

We are still sorting and purging.  This week we pulled tubs out of the storage area and started going through papers from the office and years of life for Joel, me, and each of the kids.  We also found another big box of cards!  In explanation, we have so much stuff, because for so many years I did not have the physical energy or cognitive clarity to go through it all.  We just dumped things in tubs and moved it with us.  Yes, I do have a love affair going with paper and the written word, but now that I have the fortitude.....things, they are a changing! 

Cards, I confess, are my weakness.  I love cards, always have and I love these cards because of the words from the heart that have been shared by our kids and each other.  So here I was with yet another box to sort through.  I knew it was time to let them go.  Seriously.  Let them go.

It took me two hours to read each card and decide what to keep and what to throw.  I ended up keeping a small pile and tossing two brown grocery bags full.  It was painful at first, but then it got easier and easier.  So, the box Joel said to just keep because it was impossible to choose?  I am going to go through that one next.  With courage I will read each one, give thanks and then toss it.  Sigh.  My goal it to have one small box left from 47 years worth of cards. 

What makes them so special is what is written in the childish scribble, the teenage scrawl, or adult penmanship.  Those words of love from their hearts that fill ours. 

Words are so important.  They hold so much power. Whether we speak, read, or write them, they have power in our lives.  They can define who we are.  They encourage, discourage, destroy, or build up.  Words. have. power. 

I was listening to someone speak about the words we read in the Bible.  He asked us to consider what we feel, see, experience, or understand when we read the word Holy.  Just Holy.  Then think about the word Jesus.  Oh, what comes to mind when we say the precious name of Jesus.  Those two words, and so many other words in the Bible hold such deep meaning. 

The Bible tells us that the Word has great power in our lives. . The Word is living, more powerful than a two edge sword.  It has Living Waters power.   Saving power.  Healing power.  Comforting power.  Armor of God protection power.  Yes!

Whether words of love on a card, or words of love from the One who loves with a perfect love....there is power in the word!  Wear it like armor, treasure it like gold, defend yourself with it like a sword.  Receive and release it as living and powerful. 

"My child, pay attention to what I say.
Listen carefully to my Words
Don't lose sight of them
For they bring life to those who find them
And healing to their whole body."
Proverbs 4:20-22

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