Monday, June 22, 2015

She Fights For Health, But Not Alone

Deb and me last fall

I have mentioned before that our friend, Deb Grant is fighting an aggressive fungal infection.  She is in the hospital because her heart rate won't stabilize, the fever won't leave, and she has pneumonia from the infection.  Her immune system is compromised and a number of doctors have been trying to figure out why.  So many medications, so many tests, so many doctors, so many symptoms. 

Today her husband Dave put a post on CareBridge that was entitled..."Who Do We Trust"?  Every doctor seems to come to a different conclusion.  Every test comes up negative.  That is good, right?  But somewhere, hidden inside her body, the doctors believe they are missing the cause of the immune suppression, giving residence to the fungal infection that is normally in the air we breath.  But it seems the doctors cannot come to a consensus.  Thus, Dave's question....."who do we trust"?

I first knew Dave when I was 12 and I moved in with my older sister and her family.  They were very active in church and St. Olaf Lutheran became my second home.  I felt very comfortable there.  Dave was one of 5 Grant boys who lived in Brazil with their missionary parents.  Their pictures and stories about living on the mission field were always pinned to one of our church bulletin boards and I used to pray and read about them, wondering what it was like to be a missionary. 

Fast forward to the early 1990's when Joel was serving two churches in West central MN.  We went to a Super Bowl party (I know, some of you are thinking...sports?  Joel and Renee?).  While meeting the people there a man introduced himself as Pastor Drave Grant.  He talked awhile and mentioned growing up in Brazil and in amazement I asked him... "Are you Dave Grant of THAT Grant family?  I used to pray for you in Sunday School!  We became fast friends with both Dave and Deb.  Our journeys into adoption also connected us, but we felt like God had brought things full circle connecting a young girl who had an interest in mission work with the Grant missionary boy who was now a grown man.  Isn't God amazing!

We have seen each other periodically over the years even when we moved, they moved, and life intervened with sickness and churches.  They prayed for us when we fought Lyme.  We are now going to battle for them with Deb's sickness. 

Which brings us back to the question, "who do we trust"?  Dave and Deb are faithful followers of God. We know who they trust......they trust God.  Our Healer.  Our Protector.  Our Papa.

 Dave and Deb have faith-filled family and friends to support them.  They have a loving congregation that is supporting them on this journey.  They have God to rely on. 

We trust God in the midst of the storms of life.  We expect doctors to have all the answers, but they don't.  God does.  He holds Deb in His hands.  It is God we trust as we lift Deb up in prayer and stand firm with her, as she fights for health.  Will you join us? 


Sharon said...

Dearest Lord, we have nowhere else to turn in this life but to You. You made Deb's body, formed it in her mother's womb, and You know all about her. Every part of her body is no secret to You. We pray, Lord, that You will lead the doctors to a diagnosis, and that Deb will be restored to health. We ask for a miracle of healing. Grant her and Dave strength for this journey. Give them Your peace. And Lord, we do believe - help us in our unbelief.


Renee said...

Amen, amen, amen. Thank you Sharon.