Thursday, June 4, 2015

The "Eyes" Have It!

There has been quite a bit of drama here in our small corner of the world regarding my eyes.  A week ago I went in for a check up, planning on setting up cataract surgery and hearing that I would be able to get off of the glaucoma eye drops.  It did not happen.

In fact, the eye specialist was surprised to see that my eye pressure was higher than ever and it appeared the laser surgery last fall only worked a short while.  He talked to us about me seeing a glaucoma specialist and having surgery to put drainage tubes into my eyes.  We were stunned to say the least.  He said he wanted me to come back in a week to have a recheck before we proceeded with the options he laid before us.

It was also a stressful time because one of the staff put the wrong drops in my eyes and to counter the affects, they put steroid drops in my eyes twice and then more drops to dilate.  Then my corneas were scratchy and rough from all the drops so I went home with refresh drops to put in my eyes every hour for a couple of days and then 5  times a day for 5 days.  Not cool. 

I spent the first 24 hours after this appointment crying, and cried off and on for a few days following.  I was so disappointed and also worried about a surgery like this.   I was confused and asking God why.  Never a good thing.  I took my eyes off of Jesus and on their condition.  Joel and I were both weary.

Then slowly I began to hear God speak....... 5 times I received verses of scripture concerning asking in His name, ask, seek, find....We had been speaking to the mountain, commanding the eyes to heal. but for this situation we were hearing something different.  So I asked. I asked for the pressure to go back down, healing to come.  And then I turned it over to Jesus.  It was now His responsibility.  He died for sickness, for this diagnosis.  It was really His diagnosis now, His burden.  Every time worry raised it's ugly head, I went back to turning it all over to Jesus.  Whatever came to pass, all would be well.

Yesterday was my recheck.  We were hopeful, but also knew surgery was possible and that Jesus would do what was best for me.  The pressure?  It was down.  Significantly down!  I asked the Dr. if this was good news and was he happy about this.....He replied, "I am ecstatic!"   Oh, my.  Oh my!
We are still doing a happy dance.  The doctor told me he wanted to see me in 6 months, but I asked him if I could come back in 3 months instead of 6 to see if my eyes were still good, so I could have cataract surgery.  He agreed.  I told him we were moving to AZ and he said, "You know, I trained at Mayo in Scottsdale and I will call my buddies there and find out who would be the best doctor for your case."  Another concern taken care of! 

I left there praising God and giving thanks that Jesus took the burden.  I literally felt relief when I made that decision and did as He asked.  It took the pressure off of me in more ways than one! 

Now, back to "the eyes have it".  Joel had an appointment too.  He used to live with recurrent corneal erosion and it was a very painful condition at times, controlling what climate we lived in and how Joel slept at night.  The doctor checked Joel's eyes and said they looked absolutely GREAT!  We knew that Joel was healed of the eye condition along with so many other diseases that January night in 2012, but the doctor gave a statement that seemed astonishing.  He said, "You have the eyes of a 50 year old!  We were giving thanks not only because he eyes were doing so well, but because when he was younger than 50 he was told he had the eyes of a 80 year old man!  GOD in His goodness had restored his eyes back to age 50!  Isn't God amazing?

So, the eyes have it in our house this week and so does praise.  Praising God for the good news!  For all the promises of God in His Word. 

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