Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In Amazement

Today Joel and I are celebrating our 47th wedding Anniversary.  In amazement we are giving thanks for so many years together.  We met at Bible college and were married soon after graduation.  We both had a desire to serve as missionaries in Africa, but God had other plans.  Eight years in the military and then 35 years of church ministry have now brought us to a place where we stand in amazement at the edge of a new season of our lives.

Our children are grown with families of their own.  Their lives are full and independent as they live out their days where God has planted them.  Joel has two weeks of work left here in north Iowa where we have lived for 19 years.  Most people our age are seeking retirement, and we probably would be if we had not been forced to live in 90 year old bodies while battling Lyme Disease.  We thought we would end our days sick and old before our time....but then God.

Then God brought healing and more of Holy Spirit into our lives, and we have been set free to seek Him in new ways.  Then God shook our world upside down, opening "something more" before us and we are still amazed.  Moving to Gold Canyon is part of the "then God" .....being open to a new ministry is another "then God"  A desire for a Spirit flowing church is an empowering "then God".

We have been told we have a restless spirit that can't settle in one place.  We have been told we are brave......we have been told we are crazy.  Some envy us this new adventure....others would never take the risk.  We feel we are being obedient to God's calling, just as we were the past 35 years.  Why else would we move 2,000 miles away from everything and most everyone we know to a massive city in the desert if it was not because we heard God whisper in our ear and touch our hearts for such a place.

Today I cannot help but wonder what the next few anniversaries will bring....where will we be....what we will be doing.....We began 2015 with God telling us this was going to be a "pivotal year" for us.  So far it has been!  We often ask, "What is the plan, God?"  Who knows how long we will call the desert home, who knows what life will throw our way.  We just know that we are on the edge of a new season in our lives and we are looking forward to it.  In amazement.

Come Holy Spirit Come

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Anita Johnson said...

Happy Anniversary! Love your story, so grateful for your healing. I'm excited for the big changes coming for you...we are looking forward to our changes too!