Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Finding Our Quiet Place


I am linking up today with Bonnie Gray and her OneWordCoffeeWednesday.  Bonnie wrote a great book called "Finding Spiritual Whitespace" that has changed the lives of many.  I was able to be one of the first 100 to read it and present it on my blog.  It is a wonderful read and great fun to be part of her team.

Today Bonnie asked us to look at a verse and write about one word that stood out for us in it.

"Come away with me by yourselves, to a quiet place and rest awhile."
Mark 6:31

Actually, two words stood out for me today in this verse...."quiet place".  Four months ago an earthquake hit our world when I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram showed a very small tumor.  Our house was on the market and we were planning to move to Arizona at the time.  We immediately took the house off the market and began to prepare for what was ahead.  Many doctor visits, surgery, recovery, six weeks of radiation, and another month of recovery followed.  It has not been easy, and the journey is not over yet.  Decisions need to be made regarding medications, etc.  I have often found myself in need of a quiet place.

Today two of the pastors from the church we have been attending came by for a visit to see how I was doing.  Their church, Praise Community, has been a quiet place for me during this journey, and God provided us with this "quiet place" of His presence before I knew I would need it.

Last July, my cowboy preacher husband finished up his Interim at a lovely church around 40 minutes from home, and we celebrated his 35 years of ministry.  We were looking for a church to attend until we moved and we're looking for one that would be more Spirit powered, more prophetic and charismatic, and practiced healing prayers.   Our stove repairman told us about Praise when he was making a house call, and we visited that Sunday.  We were there a few minutes when I knew this was a good place.  I remember saying to Joel after that first worship, "Why did God answer our prayers with this church now when we are moving?"  Two weeks later I was diagnosed and the move was out of the picture.  God provided this "quiet place" knowing we would not be moving and would need support for what was ahead.  Nothing surprises our loving God.  

Praise is an active, friendly, church with great worship and powerful teachings, so you would not describe it as a quiet place.  The quiet place is what happens in my soul when we are there.  I am centered, God's presence is palpable, and the worship and praise keep my mind right where it needs to be...on Jesus.  The worship, prayers for healing, words of knowledge, teachings on Jesus, and friendly atmosphere all create a quiet place deep in my soul. 

A quiet place.  "Be still and know".  We all need that whether we are dealing with an earthquake or not.  It comes in many ways, places, and surroundings, and for me one of those places during this journey has been at church while worshiping our Lord.

No matter where we find our quiet place, God will be there and circumstances do not need to take us away from what we know to be true.   Keeping our selves centered on Jesus is what gives us peace, creating our quiet place. That quiet place where we can "be still and know."


Meg Weyerbacher said...

I appreciate how you walked us through your journey a bit, praying for healing in your body in Jesus name. We are believers can do what He wants and I stand in agreement with you a a sister in Christ. I have been married 12 years and thought it was long, but you sure have us beat! :)
-Meghan Weyerbacher //

Lisa notes... said...

Oh my--getting chills reading how God led you to Praise at just the right time, before you even knew how much you would benefit from it down the road. I hope the worst is behind you in your treatments, Renee. Praying for total healing for you!

Princess Morag said...

So good to hear how God shepherded you. And praying for more quiet and rest and healing.

Renee said...

Hi Meg
Thanks for stopping by. I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but no luck. Thanks for praying 😊. Yes, 47 years is long and so so lovely!

Renee said...

Thank you Lisa for your prayers . It is behind me, and we are moving forward with joy!

Renee said...

Thank you for your prayers, Princess Morag.