Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Some Questions Are Never Answered

Sunday night we were watching an episode of Blue Bloods and the Police Commissioner, played by Tom Selleck, made a statement that resonated within me.  "Some questions are never answered."  I am one who always has matter who I am talking to, whether it be Joel, Holy Spirit, or someone in the grocery store.....questions are a part of my conversation.

I have had plenty in the past 4 months as we were hit with a tsunami wave of cancer that brought our plans for moving to a screeching halt.  Joel would often respond to my "why" questions with, "I don't have any answers for the whys..."

Today we ran into friends from a former parish while eating lunch at the local grocery store deli.  After hugs all around, the husband told us he had been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. He was getting treated here after a second opinion with Mayo Clinic, and his journey with chemo and radiation had just begun.  We talked, answered their questions about my recent journey, and promised to pray for them.

I am so sick of cancer invading the lives of people.  At my appointment last week my radiology oncologist told me that in AMERICA breast cancer is an epidemic.  Seriously.  Why?  And what do we do about it?  We all know so many who are affected by a disease that tries so hard to kill, steal, and destroy.  Does that sound familiar?  John 10:10 tells us, "The thief (Satan) has come to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come to give you life and to give it to you more abundantly."   The enemy has used cancer for far too long to take the lives of God's people.  Ugh.

I have learned on this journey that we do not get to have all the answers to our questions with God.   We all can nod our heads in agreement, I am sure. But when those times come and questions are hanging in the air where we are confused, downtrodden, or fearful, we need to go back to the answers we do have.  The answers found in the words we read in our Bible.  God is faithful.  Jesus died on the cross for iniquities and diseases.  He is the God who heals you.  He is our guide. God loves us.  What we know for sure, that is where we stand firm.  On the solid rock of knowing what we know and leaving the mysteries as mysteries.  And we know that He delights in us, the way a parent delights in his child.  He is our mighty Warrior.

We may never have the answers for why our move was interrupted, why cancer came calling, why I was healed through prayer by Lyme, but through surgery for cancer.  We may never have the answers why bad things happen to good people like the friends we ran into today. But we do know who we can turn to, trust, and rely on.  We know where we are to rest when hit by tsunamis or storms in life.  Yeah, some questions are never answered, but many more are.  Important ones like how are we saved?  What are His promises?  Is healing for today?  What does His Word say?  We can take comfort in the One who walks with us each day of this crazy life, whether we know the answers to our whys or not.

I am linking up with Bonnie Gray today for onewordcoffeeWednesday.  She asked us to pick a word out of Zephaniah 3:17 to speak about.  I love this verse that tells us how much God loves us. When you are not feeling loved, or safe, or sure about what life is throwing your way, here is a great verse that speaks over us all with such powerful truth.  Hold it close as you ponder those questions that are never answered.

The Lord your God is in your midst. 
He is a mighty Warrior who saves you
He will take great delight in you; 
He will quiet you by his love; 
He will rejoice over you with singing.” 
Zephaniah 3:17


Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros said...

Sweet friend, I'm sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis. I will keep them all and you in prayer. Thank you for sharing such an honest post. You're words were uplifting today as I know that I don't have the answers to everything, but God does. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. God bless you as you continue your week. I'm glad to be your neighbor at Bonnie Gray's Faith Barista. :)

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, Ms. Renee, this is just such an awesome post. I, too, ALWAYS need the why's answered. I just realized in reading your words that I often come up with my own answer just to satisfy that "need" in me and the good Lord knows, my answers are definitely not always in tune with His. Thank you for gives me good "food" to ponder on. HOPE you're having a good day. Take care!

Gayle said...

That is the hardest thing, is letting go of our need to know why. I have it bad!! I have had two friends recently diagnosed with breast cancer about my age. It is just shocking. In both of these instances, they finished with the stress of their mother's care and she passed away, and then they got the diagnosis. As women we have to know that it is our sacred responsibility to care for ourselves just as much as we care for others. It is hard, and I struggled mighty with it when my mother was ill and in the end of life. How do I do it all? Well, you just don't!!
Speaking of doing it all, I wanted to let you know I am letting my blog go. I still work, and trying to keep up with so many things was pulling me from what I truly needed to be doing. I think when I retire, I will return to blogging. I would love to continue our friendship at facebook. You can find me at Gayle Sims Roberts in Puyallup, WA. I will of course stop by as often as I can.