Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Midnight Blue Water

About a week ago, I went into the Garden of my Heart, the "secret place" where I meet with God. The garden has welcomed me for over three years now, even though lately I have neglected this time alone with the Trinity.  This day God led me somewhere new, but let me back up a bit...........

I have been pondering the word God wants me to focus on in 2016 for a few weeks now.  For a while I thought it was "peace"......I sure could use some of that.  Then I wondered if it was promises....I have not quite come to terms with His promise of being my shield ~ just where was that shield when I was so burned? (sigh)   Joel and I both have been wondering about our "purpose" now so maybe that was the word.  I just could not settle on one.

I was so busy looking for it behind every bush so to speak, that I nearly missed His word....or words for me.  In His Infinite wisdom He actually began to speak to me a few months ago when I saw on Facebook a wood plaque from a company called smallwoods.net or com.  One of those, anyway.  The plaque spoke to me so strongly I went right to the site online and ordered it.  On sale of course.  It did not arrive for several weeks, so I wondered if I had been ripped off by purchasing something from a place I have never heard of.  Eventually it did arrive, and when we opened it I felt like I was welcoming home a living, breathing, piece of art.  It hangs above our church pew in the entry way of our home.

From then on I seemed to receive this Bible verse on almost a daily basis.  And yet it was not until I thought about what our granddaughter Abbi told me over Christmas~~ that she really liked the wood plaque above the church pew~~ that I began to think God was highlighting this verse because it was His answer to my question, "What word do you want me to focus on for this year?"  The word was actually a verse!

"Be still and know.............that I am God" is what is giving me a foundation to stand on right now as I find my way back to health and wholeness.  Be still and know......Which takes me back to my garden. I went in feeling exhausted....with the virus from hades challenging me in so many ways....and God led me over to a quiet still pond...almost a deep midnight blue in color.....no ripples except right in the middle where one drop of water seemed to fall slowly into the pond.  I sat along the side with my legs up and one arm crossed over my knees, using my other hand to gently move the dark pure liquid.  I heard, "Be still".  My thought was, "this is my quiet place.....a place to be still with God and lean into Him."

So, the word/words I will focus on this year are from Psalm 46:10:

"Be still and know that I am God"  

Each word has meaning and I am excited to learn what God reveals to me on this journey.  For now I am holding tight to the verse as my body continues to restore and repair and rebuild. Today as we asked Holy what I should do, how we should pray for healing to come, Joel heard, "Just rest in Me".   Yeah, that is a hard one for me.  Just rest.......be still......let go......let God.  But when I start to feel frustrated, unsteady, or in need of yet another nap, I look over at the wood plaque above our church pew and remember that His Word is LIVING and brings healing to the whole body.  The Bible tells us in the Psalms that He sent His Word and healed them from all their destruction.

Need healing?  Need quiet time with God?  Do you have your own quiet place to sit and listen to His Word, letting it breathe life into your spirit, soul, and body?  He is waiting to share His love with each of us...........be still...........and know.

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Debbie Huffaker said...

This is just such an awesome post. First of all, I love the words He directed you to. And, second....meeting Him like you do. I need to try that myself. I get so "discombobulated" sometimes...okay, a lot of the time....and I really do need that "quiet place" where I can go and meet with Him and let Him calm me down. Thanks, sweet Lady for the inspiration....and HOPE you continue to heal and gain strength.