Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Passion, A Hair Cut, and Holy Spirit

Yesterday I had my hair cut.  I am blessed to have my hairdresser come to my home, even though I probably could go into a salon at this point and not react.  We know her well, and enjoy visiting during the hour she comes every few weeks.

I had told her I wanted my hair to be longer now, not going for a summer cut.  But as we talked she became very passionate about her political views and before I knew it, my hair was short......very short.  After a few hours of lamenting, I let it go, knowing it would grow back quickly.  In fact, I believe when i woke up this morning it was already longer!  Seriously, I prayed for it to grow, and I'm thinking it did.  Overnight. (giggle).

I was pondering her passionate opinions on the upcoming caucus here in Iowa and could not help but think about what stirs people up for good and for bad.   Certainly sports do. I have watched parents get pretty much out of hand when their kid does not get to play in the game. But then let's not forget the families who watch football or basketball from their living rooms with dedication and intensity. Excitement abounds and most sports fans would not miss a game and don't have to thanks to DVR's, etc.   How fun! And then of course there is the 2016 election ~~we are getting to hear an abundance of political viewpoints that are in part divisive and filled with hate, fear, with some truth mixed in between. Don't get me wrong, there are many who are involved in this process who are positive, passionate people who love to be involved in politics.  Eventually we will see celebrations of joy for who sits next in the oval office.

Joel and I have political views, but we are pretty quiet about them.  It has always been our belief that as a pastor and family we are not to use the pulpit for our political agenda.  Not everyone agrees, and that is what makes our country great.  We don't watch sports, even though we are trying ~~ we watched two Vikings games this year.  Yay us!  Not much passion for us there yet.

Passion.  I remember when Joel was healed overnight and we began this amazing journey.  We were so passionate I think we scared a few people.  One close high school friend told me, "Renee, don't ever lose your passion!"  A cousin of Joel's told us we kind of scared him because we were sooooo excited and passionate over our healings and our encounters with Holy Spirit.  We were over the top with excitement, passion, and new thoughts on what we were learning.

Recently I noticed our passion was waning. I suppose we can expect that, but really, the passion found in sports fans does not wane. They are loyal to their teams, and dedicated to going or watching games with a passion that keeps them focused on those on the field or court.

Cancer came to visit and changed our focus for awhile, using all our energy to fight the battle.  Yet, in the midst of that battle God reigned.  Holy Spirit, as the gentleman he is, waited for us to step back into what He has for us.  And our passion is back.  And we are asking for more encounters, more of hearing His voice, more purpose.  More teachings.  More conferences.  This is what brings us joy. This is what makes us laugh, and hunger for more.  This is our passion.  

We would look pretty silly in cheerleading uniforms with pom poms, in fact it is a terrible visual, but right now we are cheering for God and chanting, "Here we go, Holy, here we go!"  Holy Spirit is stirring in us, and we look forward with excitement to what is coming!!  A new season.....new adventures.....Passion!

Note to self:  Do not talk about politics with your hairdresser until she is done cutting your hair. (giggle).  Love you, D.

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NanaNor's said...

Renee, so sorry about your cut, like you said it will grow though. I say Amen to your hunger for more passion.