Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Another winter day filled with snow, lack of sun, and temperatures that keep us from walking outside. We are pretty bummed ~~a year ago today we were in Gold Canyon, AZ visiting my sister Jan and brother-in-law Lanny.  What a wonderful time we had! The only days we wore winter coats in the three weeks we were gone was the day we left and the last day on the road to get home.  We are so weary of winter. Of winters, plural.  Warmer weather sounds sooooo inviting!

Last night we visited with friends over a great meal in the comfort of their cozy home.  Our conversation was interrupted only by their beautiful cat's need for a little attention.  We laughed and pondered life and discussed the present moment and the future.  A good time.

It had me thinking about the importance of friendship. We have met so many great people over the years as we cross-crossed the country and even flew across water to make the Philippine Islands our home for two years.  Twenty-two moves in 48 years (and we have lived here the last 20 years).  So many people who have been a part of our life story, some fading away, and some who have remained on our hearts for decades.  And then there are the years where I lived in mostly isolation and loneliness, and Joel ended up in the same place.  Living with Lyme was living a limited life. Friendship.  A true gift from God.

Besides a fun evening with friends this week, we went to a Bible study Tuesday evening, and I also went to a women's study Thursday morning. There was a Healing and Impartation conference with Randy Clark at Bethel Wednesday through Friday and we watched much of that live-stream or on video. Always a favorite.

A blogger friend has decided to close her blog indefinitely.  I will miss her thoughtful posts and beautiful photos she shares.  Whenever I would visit her cyber home I could feel myself relax.  She has that gift, I believe.  Isn't it amazing how well we can get to "know" people we have never met?  It used to be my only way of having friends....through the cyber world...... and I was so grateful for it.

My mom would be fascinated by all the technology available now at our fingertips. calls that do not cost us per minute.......laptops, iPads, tablets, and computers!  And cell phones.  They are gifts, and yet they can be distractions.  I know I need to be intentional about not letting the noises my phone makes distract me from the present moment.  I love the instant connections with those we love, but the rest of it needs to be low on my priority list.

I seem to have little to share this week, but as I watch Joel dozing in his recliner, I am feeling the need to rest myself.  Hope your weekend is inviting you into open spaces where you can doze off, reflect on the years behind you, ponder your future, and connect with those you love and care about.

Until next time...............

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NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, so glad you had an evening with friends-life passes so quickly and we need to nurture those important relationships. I wonder if I know your blogging friend? Sending hugs, blessings and prayers to you today!