Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday from our corner of the world.  Today we are supposed to have temperatures in the thirties with a possibility of ice and freezing rain.  Again.  I am not complaining about the warmer weather, no way.  We will deal with the rain and ice if it comes.  We are also supposed to be heading into heavy snow for Tuesday, but who knows?!  Tracking a storm can be unpredictable.  The closer it gets the more information the forecasters will have, but alas, weather seems to have a mind of its own.  Kinda like some of life!  We did get to walk outside a couple of days, but mostly we are heading to a small strip mall in the afternoons where the carpet softens our steps and we hardly see anyone.  5 times around makes a mile.

Speaking of miles, Joel is putting a few on the car driving to the church he is filling in at twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays, and it looks like it will continue for February.  He enjoys preaching and the people enjoy having him.  A win-win situation.

My brother Todd dedicated his coaching to his mom, sister Kay, and me this week at their Paint the gym Pink event.  Jeannie, his wife, is a teacher and their school helped paint the gym pink too.  Todd is a teacher and also coaches girls varsity basketball.  So nice of him and the girls who dedicated their game, too.  Pretty cool, right?

Speaking of cool, I got a new phone this week.  It is actually my birthday present from last year, but I kept putting off getting a new one.  We got a sweet promo deal with Verizon and I now have a new android phone and a Verizon tablet.  It turns out both were "free" and the only cost was for the tablet case and screen cover!  The iPad our DIL gave us still works well enough, but a few glitches were showing up and we had been talking about a new one since I use it 24/7 to listen to teachings, music, etc.  I can just cart it around the house with me everywhere I go.  I am liking the new phone even though I am adjusting to the larger size!

Several days ago we had 8 deer in the yard.  We had not seen any deer all winter, and that morning 8 came into the yard and the neighbors yard grazing on bushes and actually pawing through the ice on the bird feeder to drink.  We stood quietly watching God's creation for quite awhile, but of course we had to take a few pictures!

Deer are to left and next to pine tree

This deer studied us as much as we
studied her

Last Sunday we celebrated Joel's 4th Anniversary of his overnight miraculous healing!  I made him a southwestern salad he loves plus a pumpkin pie.  We reflected on God's goodness and the healing He wants for ALL of us.  Such an amazing "suddenly" that changed our lives forever!
"The joy of the Lord is my strength"
Nehemiah 8:10

It was a year ago we were in Arizona on such a fun adventure that also changed our lives forever. We left a piece of our hearts in Gold Canyon.  We don't know why things unfolded as they did for us....but we know God is good, God loves us, He has a purpose for us.  Our future and where we lay down our heads to sleep at night is in His hands ~~ where we have placed it.  We have surrendered this season to Him, only asking for more of Him.  More of His presence, His purpose, His amazing love.

Tonto National Forest near Gold Canyon 

Things are a bit crazy here in Iowa with the caucuses going strong in the final days.  Ads saturate the TV and the phone seems to ring a lot more.  We never watch any ads on TV, as most are about what could be wrong with you and what miracle drug you can take......along with an endless list of side effects.  I'm not against medication, I use it when I need to for sure,  but I'm weary of it being pushed down our throats by pharma. Okay, did I just say that?  Hmmm  Anyway, we are watching all the hoopla with fascination and interest from afar......

Tuesday night we held Bible study here, Thursday morning I headed off to Bible Study at Praise church.  Friday night we had supper here with friends who are such a blessing.  Laughter and reflection are good for the soul!

We have been reading aloud Barry Bennett's book, "Hearing God" this week, I am finishing up a light mystery, and I have watched a few Bethel Church's teachings and a couple of Heidi Baker's too.  It is good to fill the soul......What is filling your soul?

Until next time............

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Debbie Huffaker said...

The sun is shining much different that it was only a week ago. Last Saturday was cold temps and snow....yesterday the high got to almost! No wonder I have a headache! LOL HOPE you have a great the deer pictures!