Thursday, September 15, 2016

Autumn: What's Not To Like?!

signs of fall on a rainy day.....

In the midst of a heat wave, someone on Facebook asked an interesting question a few weeks ago....."What sound do you like?" The question brought to mind my favorite time of year.......Fall!  I love the sounds, colors and smells of fall, so I decided to spend time thinking about my favorite season.

I don't think I could ever tire of the beautiful sounds that come with Autumn.  The sounds of the crisp yellow, gold and brown leaves blowing in the wind have their own song.  The squirrels running through the grass blanketed by leaves causes a distinct rustling noise.  The geese flying overhead give fair warning of what is coming.  Even the wind sounds different to me in the fall.  It is a time of year I wish lasted for 6 months, but there is purpose for the four seasons.  It is one of the special gifts of living in the Midwest, having four different seasons every year.

Winter brings it's own silence.  Snow falls quietly, the mounds of white seem to insulate us from too many sounds, but the howling winds in a storm, and the crunch of snow under our feet.  We often hunker down here, bringing out afghans, wool slippers, and warm clothes, along with puzzles, books waiting for attention, and the TV.

Spring is usually damp and sloppy, but welcomed!  Birds return and grace us with their special greetings and the squirrels run across our roofs at random.  Rain is heard as it nourishes the land and soaks into the thawing ground.  An owl hoots outside our window at night.  The trees bud and lilacs bloom.  Neighbors shake off their winter doldrums and seek the out of doors once again.  Greetings are often more of a conversation, instead of a quick hi as we rush inside.

Summer explodes with color, fresh air, planting and growing. The birds chatter and sing constantly, delighted to grace our world with the creator's goodness. We have a resident wren that delights us here with songs of love and new life. The sound of children playing reminds me of when our kids were young and embracing the freedom of lazy, hazy days.  Porch sitting makes the sounds of summer enjoyable, except when the heat and humidity drives us inside where we listen to the hum of the air conditioner.

We are in the beginning of Fall now with the crisp nights and dry warm days.  I love it~!  Most snow birds who live in the heat of the desert leave when temperatures hit 100.  They head back to summer green and cooler temps but I think I would prefer coming back in the fall when I could enjoy my favorite season of all.  Autumn.  It brings with it a deep sigh and the question....."what's not to like"??


NanaNor's said...

Renee, Blessings to you and Joel! You've given me something to ponder with your post~I love fall-all the glorious colors, smells and time inside, but I've never thought about the different sounds. We hear crickets and cicadas in the fall. I'm going to start listening more.

Anita Johnson said...

I like crickets and geese. I just wish winter weren't quite so long!