Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Refuse To Partner With It!

I fell this morning.  I was ready to go walking, and went out the back garage door to find Joel.  The step there is awkward and I fell off the step going down on my knees hard on the cement.  I did not stop there though, as gravity quickly took me down on my hands and arms into the rocks.  On the way down I started yelling "nooooooo" but was still stunned to find myself laying flat, or as flat as you can with my belly and top half.  I had to yell for Joel because I knew I could not get up by myself.  My core strength is weak, and it would have been a challenge with nothing to support me.

My first reaction was to cry.  Yep.  I'm a cryer.....and then I just got mad.  After the anger came a bit of fear for the "what ifs" and then along came poor me.....The poor me person likes to visit if I am not careful.

After a brief check to make sure no bones were broken, Joel got me into the house and on the sofa where we went over a check list.  No broken twisted ankles......Knees red and right one swelling...bruises quickly forming.   When I knew nothing was broken, I said to Joel.  "I refuse to partner with this!"  I am walking and he said he would go along.......just in case.  Well, I got only half a mile in, but I walked.  Came home and iced my knee and tried to ignore the arms and wrists aching and the pelvic bones that hold arthritis talking loudly.  After a rest, my upper left arm is complaining when I lift it above a certain level, a few muscle aches are settling in.   All from a little ol' fall.  It causes me to pause and take stock of this broken body....So much of it has healed, but it still has further to go.

It would be easy to get discouraged.  It has been a rough week, heck, it has been a rough year.  IF I focus on all the situations we have found ourselves in......but that is not where we are to put our focus.  Today I am refusing to partner with any of that anymore.

Refusing to partner......I first heard that from Bethel church in CA.  It is usually used to combat the spirit realm.  Before you feel creeped out, remember the scriptures that tell us specifically with warning that we are not fighting with people but with principalities in the spirit realm.  That nasty devil is real.  His co-horts are real. No details given here, but Joel and I have encountered enough of the dark side of the spirit realm to not take it lightly.  But there is another spirit realm.....the good guys!  Angels that watch over us......Jesus and His power that lives in us ~ saves and heals us........Holy and His comfort and "dunamis"power that empowers us....God and His love and wisdom.  Yeah those are the good guys.  The Word says Jesus never refused to heal anyone.  Jesus said to speak to your mountains just like He did.  He told us He never did anything the Father did not tell him to do.  Jesus said He would send us a comforter...a dynamite Spirit that empowers.

It helps me to speak it aloud, what I am rejecting.  Refusing to partner with a bad attitude, a spirit of fear, the ranting of politicians, the bad reports on TV.  I refuse to partner with sickness or disease.  I refuse.

So today I refuse to partner with all that has gone on, is going on, and keeps demanding attention in our world or my broken body.  I refuse to walk in fear or pity or anger.  I speak to it all, commanding with the authority given to me by Jesus.   I remember His Word and take it to heart.  I refuse to partner with it.


Anita Johnson said...

Amen, Renee...and im glad to hear you are healing.

Denise Glisson said...

So do I, Renee! I always take away a peace and encouragement from your Blogs. Thank you dear Prayer Buddy and Sister in the Lord for continuing His ministry through this Blog, your family, and other lives you reach, right where you are!