Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from our soggy, wet, flooded corner of the world.  We have had quite a few days of heavy rain and storms resulting in major river flooding in our city and worries that the water standing in our yard would seep in to the basement.  So much rain.......The river came about 2/3 way up our hill to our cul-de-sac, but never made it to the top.  It completely covered the river road we walk and the association's prairie grasses and borders on the south side.  A few trees were lost in town, one in our association, but for us it was branches and twigs as winds were so strong.  It took Joel over 3 hours to clear the yard after the storms.  We have had a brief break today which has helped the yard to dry out some and the river to go down.  More rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning and then with several days of sunshine forecast we hope to dry out here.

Park flooding

Speaking of drying out, one the reasons we love fall is it is dryer and that is not happening much here.  My body just feels better in a dryer climate, it was on our list for why we were moving to Arizona.  I even sleep better when it is dryer.    I keep wondering if this is the new normal....these heavy rain events.....flooding, high humidity and dew points.

Flooded East Park

We also were to be in WI right now watching our oldest grandson play football Friday night and Saturday morning, go apple picking, and see a place called "Holy Hill".  This "flood event" as they are calling it, is keeping us close to home to keep an eye on our house.  We were half packed, food prepared, and even had our hair cut.......we were looking good.....all ready for a fall adventure.  Very disappointing.

View of river from bridge

View of river road we walk along....
all road.

I have strong feelings about our media.  Have you noticed the changes in the tone of voice or intensity when the news in reported.  I have noticed it in the evening news, and have gone to watching only CBS because I don't feel wired up after watching.  I am sensitive to it all, and have noticed that fear, worry, and anger our news channels work hard that "selling" that to keep or gain customers.  This election is an example.  

Fall premieres have started this week, with NCIS (original) at the top of our list.  There are plenty of new shows but most of them appear to just be more of the immoral, unethical, fast paced kinda junk that fills up so many hours on the tube.   Last weekend we tried to rent a movie and could not even find one that held our interest!    We do want to see the new movie "Sully".  What do you enjoy watching?  

Last Sunday we worshiped at a nearby church.  It is a nice, but after going their twice we don't think it is for us.  Most of the time Joel is filling in somewhere, so he goes off early in the morning to preach to a congregation filled with people he does not know, and I stay home.  He loves to teach and preach, and we are both thankful he can, but..........but we are longing for our own church home where we are comfortable and have a sense of belonging.  There are lots of great churches........this quest is more about us than any congregation.  

Speaking of preaching, we heard this week about the death of a pastor friend.  When we met Lane he was in the military with Joel.  They were both stationed in Duluth together and we used to have him over for a meal.  He played a mean banjo!  He eventually left the military and became a Lutheran pastor.  Sadly, he died at the young age of 66.  It made us think of two friends from the Lutheran Bible Institute where we attended in the 60's, who both became pastors.   We have lost track of them over the years.  Time for a google search!

Speaking of, don't you just love Google.  I can type in a couple of words of a BIble verse and have the verses pop right up.  I often do Biblical word searches with Google and get good results.  I think God uses Google!  Just sayin......

We watched Bethel and the movie Holy Spirit Reborn, shown at Bethel.  It was intriguing.  I am still reading "Lioness Arising" by Lisa Bevere and have done some coloring this week to works!  

Until next time...............


Sharon said...

Always love reading your *scribbles*!!

Last week I watched the premiere of Kiefer Sutherland's new show, "Designated Survivor." I always enjoyed watching "24" - and this show was pretty good! Exciting premise, and good acting.

And yes, I love Google - I can't tell you how many times I use it to find random information. I also enjoy a website called Bible Hub. It lists verses in several translations, and also has links to similar verses, commentaries and such. It's a treasure trove of information.

Sorry about the flooding. California is suffering from the opposite end of the spectrum - drought. And the last few days we have been pounded by strong winds up here on the mountain. Ugh. I totally think our weather is changing, as the world continues to approach the Lord's return.


Renee said...

Hi sharon
We liked that show "Designated Survivor" too! Great acting. Also like BIble Hub and Bible Gateway for resources. I wish we could give California some of our saturated here.