Thursday, September 8, 2016

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken

"So, since we find ourselves fashioned 
into all these excellently formed 
and marvelously functioning parts in Christ's body, 
let us just go ahead and be what we were made to be, 
without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves 
with each other , 
or trying to be something we are not. "
Romans 12:5,6 (Message)

YOU are unique, created by our Creator to be so.  Unique is defined as being the sole example of, only one, without equal or rival.  Do we really get that?  I have been told by doctors for more years than I can remember that my body is "special".  Unique in how it functions, responds, acts.  It was not a compliment and I hated hearing it.  I just wanted to be "normal", whatever that was.  I just wanted to be like everyone else.

Reading Lisa Bevere's latest book and NY Bestseller, "Without Rival" I am getting a different perspective on this "unique" me.  It has been enlightening, comforting, educating to read what God whispered in her ear about His daughters.  What He wanted her to share with His children.  We hear over and over we are not what we do, how we look, where we live, but the secular world defines us as such.  We define ourselves by what we accomplish, comparing ourselves to others to see what standard we should uphold or reach for.  Yeah.

What a waste of God's handiwork as He with His Potter's hands lovingly shaped and formed each of us uniquely. Because we hear we need to be more "Christ-like" we seek to be someone else, someone better, stronger, more loving, etc.  And yet we are told in the Bible that Holy Spirit changes us, our own efforts are really fruitless.  So how do we seek to be more "Christ-like" while accepting ourselves.  We begin by embracing who God created us to be. By loving the person you see in the mirror.  Our identity comes from God, not what we do, how we look, or how we live.  Our uniqueness is from God.  As we love ourselves, we are giving thanks to our Creator who loves us beyond our understanding.

"God loves each of us as if there was only one of us."
St. Augustine 

God loves each of us as if there was only one of us because there is only one of us.  It blesses and pleases God when we don't compare ourselves to others, or try to be someone else.  Just be ourselves.

So we ask the question, "Who are we?"  Our identity comes from God and who HE says we are.  We are God's child, a daughter or son of the King.  We are uniquely created by our Creator.  Who does God say we are?  Who does God say you are?  Sit quietly and listen to what He puts in your heart.  Let Him speak to His beloved and remind you who you are. Embrace and love yourself, be yourself, because everyone else is already taken!


Sharon said...

A most encouraging post!! Sometimes it's easy to forget who we truly are. We can get put down by others, and sometimes we flood ourselves with our own negative talk. We must always remember that God created us who we are, and He will use His Spirit to make us our best *self* ever as we seek to follow and serve Him.


Renee said...

Thanks Sharon. It is so easy to forget who we are, isn't it. I like what you said about Holy Spirit making us our best "self" as we seek Him.