Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

A part of our walking paths

Good Saturday to you from our corner of the world where Fall is showing off with dryer, cooler temperatures and some trees changing colors.  It has been great to walk this past week and in the picture above you can see a part of a path we take here in our association.  It is a lovely place and I feel so blessed to have safe, quiet, beautiful walking paths.  Although on day last week a huge Malamute dog was on a skinny leash was barking and growling at us as we passed.  Not nice. Mostly we do not see dogs out on leashes in their yards.  Rules are pretty strict around here, except for the geese who ignore all the rules and like to slow down traffic while bathing in the street puddles!

We headed up to a suburb in Minneapolis, Minnesota Wednesday visiting with my sister who raised me, Gr. Jo to our kids, and taking her to PT for the fractured back.  We picked up take out lunch and headed to her place afterwards where we were able to help her get out her winter clothes and store the summer ones and do some purging.  There is always purging to do in our house it seems, although we did a lot of that when we thought we were heading to AZ.  Food for thought:  There is a bit of purging we can always be doing inside of us too!  That is much harder in my way of thinking.

Speaking of purging...grin.....the election can't come too soon.  I keep wondering what the media will do for drama and sensationalism once we have a new President in office.  I expect they will find something.  Drama and bad news sells.  I avoid as much of it as possible on the TV, radio, or social fact I just stop following those who continually speak hate, disrespect, or out right lies about the candidate they are not voting for.   I admire their passion, but don't agree with the negativity.

We had hoped to head up north this weekend to the 140th Anniversary of a country church where Joel served for 6 1/2 years.  Unfortunately neither one of us felt very good Thursday and even though we are still active at home, the funkyness continues.  We have good memories of our time at that church.  Delightful people!

Have you seen that commercial on TV with the dogs doing synchronized swimming?  We don't watch commercials often and always mute them, but this one had us laughing.  Speaking of muting...don't you love the mute button on our remotes?  So easy to shut off what we don't want to hear.  I wonder if God ever wants to push our mute button when we speak.  Sobering thought......Back to the dogs......if you need a good laugh seek it out.  Funnnnnny!

Last Saturday night we went to a musical with friends at Stebens Children Theater.  It was called "Smoke On The Mountain" and was about a pastor and the traveling family that comes to perform at their church.  It was funny and fun!  Have you ever been in a play?  I have not, but think it would be an adventure.  I do like to sing, but don't have a great voice like our son-in-law or grands.

Speaking of son-in-laws, our oldest son-in-love is having a birthday today.  He is a blessing for our family for sure.  He is a hard working, solid man who loves the Lord deeply, adores his wife and kids, is faithful and caring to his family and friends and serves his community and church.  Happy birthday Kevin!

Last night we drove over to our favorite Iowa lake and hung out.  It is quiet there now with most of the tourists gone for the season.  A couple of years ago we were going a few times a week to take in the hustle and bustle, and the great views, but this year we have been over there only a couple of times.  Sunsets are so pretty we decided to take one in.  Joel took these with my phone.

We have continued to watch Bethel's and Charis Bible College teachings, read aloud from the Azuza Street Miracles book, and get our daily devotions in.  Joel has done more writing than me as he edits his book on healing......

So what have you all been up to?  Any good books to share?

Until next time...............

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