Monday, September 5, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

It is Saturday morning here in our corner of the world......oh, is Monday isn't it.  Well, today the rain, humidity and rising dew point is back....but the past few days have been so nice with good fall weather making us smile.  I love fall....I love the dryer body is happy with the dry air.......yeah....I was meant for fall.

Speaking of my body, I fell on Thursday and the details can be found HERE.  I am doing much better than we thought I would.  A couple of bruises on my knees, one a bit swollen, muscle aches in arms and upper legs....but nothing to dwell on.  Soon after it happened I mixed coconut oil and lavandar together and massaged it on my arms, back, shoulders, legs and knees.  It was helpful I think. I walked nearly a mile the next day with no issues!  I am thinking I had some angelic protection as I hit the ground!

Last Saturday we had friends over who always challenge us to laugh more and be better people. Sunday Joel went off to preach at two churches in NE Iowa again and I was at home with Internet worship.  He went for a long bike ride on a great trail up in the area, seeing the prairies and rolling hills that make Iowa a pretty place to live.

I have been doing some research on my family history at  I have found some pretty good info, and I even found a bit more just by googling a family ancestor's name.  I love google!  I am looking into Joel's family now.  He had is DNA tested to see what is in his lineage.  Mostly what he thought, but a few surprises too.....we think those Vikings got around a lot!

On Saturday we went to my 50th H.S. class reunion in southern MN.  We went to my friend Lana's for a ladies luncheon...where Joel joined us!  Ha...Then off to the country club for a dinner and program with many classmates.  It was fun, and our table of 12 had lots to catch up on.  I actually recognized a few people I had not seen for a long time, but most were a reflection of us...grayer, older, and hard to identify .....thankfully we had name tags!  There were a few classmates that look to be about 10 years younger than us...and some looked older......Now getting past the outside, it was fun to hear where people are in their lives, give out some hugs, and catch up on their lives.

I have been finishing up a book detailing some of the miracles that took place on Azuza Street in CA in the early 1900's.  It is quite amazing to read about.  "True Stories Of The Miracles of Azuza Street and Beyond is a very inspiring book!  I have watched a few teachings, Joel and I have been reading Hebrews and discussing that together, and I am still working to finish "Lioness Arising".

Until next time................

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