Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from our corner of rainy damp Iowa.  I think round 4 inches fell in the last 36 hours and with the rivers already full and the ground saturated, our park here in town is flooded and some ditches are full.  We had a lot of humidity and high dew points again, and then that plummeted and thankfully colder air came the rain can leave....and today it had.  The sun is shining and that makes both of us here happy!

Last weekend at my class reunion, one friend said they were heading back to Arizona the next morning.  He could hardly wait to leave the damp humid weather behind, preferring 100 degrees in a dry climate.  I agree.  So does my body.  Speaking of reunion, it was great fun to get together and see familiar faces once again.  My friend Lana had a lovely luncheon before the dinner and program that night.  We were back home in our own bed by midnight.

Sunday we headed over to our favorite and only area lake and spent a couple of hours at the fun annual "Antiques in the Park" event.  It was packed.  We went to one of our favorite venders and found an end table for our living room.  We needed one more and searched for the right width and cost....praying if there was one there that we would spot it.  We did a couple of minutes later and it is working out perfectly!  It is an old sewing machine table with drawers.  We love all these refurbished treasures and enjoy finding something with a history.

New end table

Labor day we got together with my sister and her hubby for lunch and a long afternoon visit.  Tuesday Joel and I decided to clean this 2750 square foot house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms all in one day.  I ended up having to clean one small bathroom and the kitchen on Wednesday...I pooped out before I got everything done on my list.  One more time I will say..........this house is TOO big for TWO people.  Thursday was the physical and whole mammogram drama (read here) which I am still recovering from.  Friday rain and more rain and a lot of sitting and writing.  Tonight we head to a play at the Stebens Children Theater here in town.  Should be fun!

A few teachings, a powerful sermon on church and government at Bethel Church, and America's Got Talent kept us occupied and entertained this week.  I am astounded by the talent people exhibit.  I will say there is one couple that are "clairvoyants" that give Joel and I really bad vibs.....They are very talented and good at reading minds, and we are truthfully thinking their abilities are not from God. Just sayin'.  

I'm still reading Lisa Bevere's book and also meditating on Joshua and Caleb's journey into the promised land....  What are you reading?  And what is your "promised land"??

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