Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Face-to-Face Friendship

Last Thursday we headed east to Wisconsin where our daughter, SIL, and two grands live.  We were attending our grandson's confirmation, our granddaughter's induction ceremony into the National Junior Honor Society, and planned to take in a couple of volleyball games on Saturday.  We would also be visiting with another daughter and her treasures plus our SIL's parents, friends, etc.  We were excited!

Woven into the mix was a face-to-face visit with my blogger friend, Anita.   Our relationship began on Spiritual Sundays where we both would link up to share inspirational posts.  Our connection grew when I became her 1,000th visitor to her photography blog, "did you bring your camera?" winning a special gift from her.  I was able to pick out a favorite photo and she had it matted, framed and shipped to me!  What fun.  Here is the picture I chose and we love it!

Stain-glass tree makes me think of worshipping in nature.
Outdoor church!
We rejoice over all God has created!
(sorry about the reflection)

As  a photographer, Anita's posts include beautiful pictures of nature.  During our toughest times battling Lyme, her photos were the only nature we could really enjoy and gave us a sense of peace.  Recently, Anita learned she is now battling Lyme Disease herself.  It also turns out she does not live very far from our daughter and her family, so we made plans for Joel and me to stop by and visit.  We wanted to meet face-to-face and Joel and I hoped to encourage her the way her photos had encouraged us in those days of Lyme that are now behind us.

It was wonderful to meet Anita and her husband!  She was having a challenging day, but she did manage to visit for 2 hours.  I cannot help but be grateful and amazed at how God brought us together.  Who could imagine two bloggers brought together by a third would be meeting face-to-face?  Who would have ever imagined Anita would live so close to our daughter and her family?!  Who could imagine that we would be spiritually fed by her photos when battling Lyme and then a couple years later be able to help Anita in her battle against Lyme Disease.?!   Only God could orchestrate such an amazing connection and bless us all in the process.  Only God!

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. 
Plans for good and not for evil,
to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11


Trudy said...

Wow! Such a heart-warming story and GOD-thing! God knows our hearts and our needs so deeply and gives us beyond what we can even hope for. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this hope-filled story, Renee.

Nature photos revive my sagging spirits and ground me as to WHO is in control, and your friend's site is awesome. I am now following her and am eager to see more. So amazing how God meets yet another need.

Anita Johnson said...

This is just too much fun! I am so grateful for our friendship, Renee! The angel that you gave me is here at my computer with me...such a wonderful reminder of how God has brought us together! Love to you and Joel! Anita