Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to all of you!  We are enjoying cooler weather again, after two days of over 80 degrees, high dew points and tornado watches.  Really?!  I am not ready for the humidity to return.......but grateful for the warmer weather........and no tornado destruction or flooding like other areas of the country.  Tragic.

The weather has made it easier to walk outside and we have been enjoying that although the high winds and rain sent us inside a couple of days.  Love the fresh air and seeing everything green.  Daffodils are finally blooming and trees and bushes are budding after our cold long winter.

This morning we were out walking before eight and were greeted by an elderly man who called us "kids",  We were also greeted by a goose along the river, frogs in a large pond, and views of the farm "home place" our association is named after plus a beautiful field right in the middle of the houses.  And we live in town!
Farm home place in our association

Goose by the river

Field near our home

Last Thursday we took off early for WI to visit our oldest daughter and her family.  We were planning to attend our grandson's Confirmation on Sunday and also go to our granddaughter's induction into the National Junior Honor Society on Friday.  We were able to take in a couple of Abbi's volleyball games on Saturday, too.
Our grandson Evan on his Confirmation Day
(he is now taller than his Papa Joel!)

Granddaughter Abbi and our daughter Bethany
National Junior Honor Society

Our first stop on the trip was to meet face-to-face my blogger friend, Anita.  I wrote about that HERE.  It is amazing that she lives only a few miles from our daughter and her family.

Renee and Anita

We also were able to spend time with another daughter and her treasures plus our SIL's parents, friends, etc.  We also took in Gallery Night, walking around the shops downtown and stopping for gelatos in a local store while some of the crew stayed home and cheered on the Chicago Blackhawks in hockey.
Our oldest laughed hysterically when she came outside to see her mom stepping up on a footstool so I could climb into her SUV.  I told Abbi my legs were too short to climb up into the SUV so she got me a stepstool and helped me in and out.  Beth could not stop laughing....guess it was pretty funny :). I do have very short legs :).....but they reach the ground!

I managed to get beaten in Wii bowling and attempted to play Mario Races but wow, way to fast and tense for this ol grandma!  We enjoyed the visit so much we were not ready to come home, but we stuck to our schedule and took off for Iowa Monday and stopped at Joel's favorite place along the way.....Rural Route 1 Popcorn.  They have a large variety of popcorn and also a lovely gift shop that we had a good time browsing around in.  We made it  home safely, and were unloaded, unpacked, and ready for Dancing With The Stars by 7pm Monday night!

Speaking of Confirmations, Joel will officiate at Faith Lutheran's confirmation in Miller Iowa tomorrow.  They do not have an ordained pastor and asked Joel to step in.  They love Joel and that is a nice feeling!  Joel filled in for them last November and December and we grew to love this little congregation with the big heart.

 Speaking of this Sunday, I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all who are moms.  Both our moms are celebrating in Heaven!  We will be at Faith Lutheran for a good part of the day, then driving home to our youngest daughter and her son and boyfriend coming by on their way home from his family's gathering. 

I have not been reading much.  One of our treasures gave us a good book to read that she had just finished.  It is about a young girl from Vietnam and what she went through during the war.  Since we were in The Philippines when Saigon fell and I participated in the baby lift when hundreds of orphans were taken out of the country and brought into the P.I. on their way to their forever homes, she thought we would be interested in reading it.  She is right! 

How has your week been?

Until next time.............


Gayle said...

Spring is coming slow to your part of the country. I went back to work this week for the first time in a month and by Friday I was dragging and my house was a wreck! I work only two days next week and the week after so I am relieved for that. We had a wonderful brunch this morning with the family. We did it a day early, it was nice to have everyone here. Have a blessed week.

Anita Johnson said...

I love the scribbles and laughed that your legs were long enough to reach the ground! God provides!