Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday afternoon to you from our green corner of the upper Midwest!  The trees are heavy with leaves, apple blossoms and lilacs are showing off their beauty, and the sun has been shining several days this week!  I took a few pictures to share with you while out walking.

In the far distance you can see sliver of the river road/
Right now we are walking 1.5 miles most days

This path leads us past the pond with all the frogs.  
Although the trees hide the view the noisy frogs
can be heard!

Seeing the lilacs took me back to my childhood
when the house would be filled with bouquets of them.
 They were so pretty and smelled so good!

It has been a busy week here in Lake Woebegone.......not a quiet one like Garrison Keillor speaks of on his radio show.  Saturday we went to a graduation party and Sunday morning was filled with church services and a Bible Study.  Sunday night Joel went to a meeting while I relaxed at home. Monday was spent on the phone for both Joel and I.  Tuesday I visited with my sweet friend Katherine,  got my hair cut, and our great handyman came and put in the new microwave, and fixed the garage furnace.  Wednesday I cleaned the main level, and we grocery shopped, besides picking out and purchasing our new porch chairs.  We originally wanted wicker but it was too spendy, although we are very happy with what we found.  Comfy chairs, thick cushions, and my feet actually touch the floor!

Thursday I baked three desserts and prepared for our Bible Study group to come in the evening.  I think everyone had a good time!  We will certainly miss them when we leave St. James.  They are such nice people.  Joel will be done there June 15th.  Much to our surprise, he has already received two requests for Interim work elsewhere!  That did not take long!!  Friday morning the cleaning lady came and our new stove arrived early in the afternoon! Nice to not worry about shutting off the breaker every night.

We had a relaxing morning today, ate brunch, and then headed up to a small town that has a few gift and antique shops.  It was fun to browse around and get ideas for the furniture we are thinking about purchasing.  Lots of beautiful wood tables, benches, cupboards, etc.  It is also band festival weekend here with a big parade, food vendors, and several music groups performing at the big park in town.  Lovely weather for it.

Speaking of the lovely weather, we have been able to walk outside every day.  It is great to be out in the fresh air.  Still walking around 1.5 miles and hoping by August to be up to 2 miles.  Now that it is getting warmer out, we are going to try to schedule our walks earlier in the morning.

Last night we watched the movie, "The Monuments Men".  It was really good!!  I have been reading Bonnie Gray's Book, "Finding Spiritual Whitespace" that will be available for purchase the first week of June.  As part of her launch team I was sent a copy to read and write about on my blog and Facebook.  It is a great book so far!  What have you been up to this past week? 

Until next time........


Trudy said...

Such soul-refreshing photos, Renee. Thank you for sharing them, and thanks so much for praying for me. As I read your post of being able to walk 1.5 miles a day, I rejoiced with you that you are now able to do it after years of suffering from Lyme's Disease.

Renee said...

Thanks, Trudy. God bless!

Debbie Huffaker said...

What a great, productive week you've had. The picture of the lilacs brings back a memory of my childhood when there was a bush in the backyard where I was raised. HOPE your Memorial Day and the rest of the week is greatly blessed!!!

Sharon said...

Lovely photos, Renee. I really enjoyed *walking* with you!!

Last week was a hodgepodge of stuff. Had my hair appointment, got taken out for a belated birthday dinner with my sons and daughter-in-law, brought my mom up here to the mountains to stay with us for a week. We arrived on Thursday in the middle of thunder, lightning, and a hailstorm!! By Sunday, it was 75 outside!!

Every Memorial Day weekend our town has a town-wide garage sale celebration. So we had fun treasure-hunting. We found some real bargains!

And church was really special yesterday - a lesson about forgiveness.

Today, I'm reading another historical mystery novel, drinking some iced coffee, and enjoying the gorgeous blue sky!