Thursday, May 22, 2014

Resting In His Arms

Papa God held out His arms and the little girl ran into them, holding tightly to His neck. She felt so safe sitting on His lap, feeling her Creator envelop her.  She smiled, sighed, and leaned back to rest, trusting His embrace.

It was not always so.  The little girl of so long ago did not trust sitting on laps, did not trust the words spoken to her.  She did not always believe others would be there for her.  She did not trust Papa God would be there for her with His pure love, but Jesus walked quietly with her and He was patient, beckoning, revealing.  Healing is here He whispered.  Freedom is here.  Healing for the heart and soul of the child now adult.  Even with resistance she found rest in the midst of the journey and in the resting, trust.  In quietness and trust she found her strength, as she listened to her Father's Voice. 

Today I am linking up with Bonnie Gray over at Faith Barista as I choose a quote from her book, "Finding Spiritual Whitespace", to write about.  As part of her launch team I am reading and reviewing her book, and I am delighted to do so.  Like so much of what Bonnie writes in her book or on her blog, this quote resonated deep inside where the little girl resides.  I laughed with joy when reading it!

You see, in the past two years I have learned more about God's love than I ever thought possible.  I knew God loved me...I knew he faith has been the center of my life for fifty plus years.  But understanding and experiencing His love was limited and did not penetrate deep into my soul, the soul of the child within, until God broke through the wall of fear surrounding my heart.  This came to pass when He placed me on a path of healing....soul and body. 

Holy Spirit opened my heart to this indescribable love, an intimate relationship with Jesus that leaves me wanting only more....and more.  It has been and still is a awakening of the soul as Bonnie says so well.   Joy running over!  Oh, yes, I do feel loved.  I do feel cherished!  Even though it has been difficult at times to sit in the whitespace Bonnie speaks of,  I would be on no other journey. Never alone, always guided, and always safe in Papa God's arms.  Is there any better place to be?

 In the fall of 2012 he spoke to me 23 times from 23 different sources, Matthew 11:28-30.  "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest..."  I learned I cannot rest without trust.  There needs to be trust to be able to lean back and relax in Papa God's arms.  He opened my heart to the Comforter who lets me know on a daily basis that He is here with me. My mind has step by step been renewed by His Word, teachings, and the stories others share.

Finding Bonnie's blog, Faith Barista is another of the many ways God has guided me on this journey.  Her book is one more place of healing. Only God.  That is why I write of it, giving thanks for her story......and for being able to share mine.  My story of how the broken parts of me are being mended and restored.  My story of resting in Papa God's loving arms in quietness and trust.

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Debbie P said...

So true...hard to understand God's love when we are walled in with fear.

Sharon said...

Renee, this was simply beautiful. I battle with fear, and it sometimes imprisons me. Learning to trust in God's love, even when I'm anxious. And yes, there is blessed rest in His arms.


(And yes, Bonnie's blog is a lovely place to visit, isn't it?!)

Krista Sprankle said...

I am so glad we are on this journey together! :)
You're words are always a comfort to read Renee!


Princess Morag said...

I too have been learning to trust, to really trust God. Some days I realize I've take steps back, but I want to be safe in the Fathers arms again. I am excited and a little daunted about this journey with Bonnie's book, it is definitely a powerful story and challenge weaved together. Bless you as you journey on.

Gayle said...

Trust was in my Bible study reading this morning and I realized how trust is truly an issue in my life. I suppose we all struggle with it. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Renee said...

Thanks, Debbie ......

Renee said...

Hi Sharon
There are so many who fight fear.......a nasty god! Knowing how the enemy uses fear is helpful in the battle.

Renee said...

So glad you find my words helpful, Krista....god bless you as we walk this journey with Bonnie.

Renee said...

Hi Princess Morag,
I too am excited and a bit apprehensive about this journey.......but God is good and faithful!

Renee said...

You are welcome Gayle. Thanks for stopping by.