Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning all!  We are heading into the 60's today which will be a big improvement after a week of chilly temperatures including frost warnings last night.  Even so, everything is in bloom....or getting there!  We did manage to find a couple more hanging baskets to add color to the yard and will add more as the weather warms up and the prices go down. 

Last Sunday we went to Faith Lutheran where Joel officiated at their confirmation.  We also were invited to a reception and then lunch following. Was nice to be back there again in the small church with a big heart! Mother's Day afternoon we took a nap, and then our youngest, her son and her boyfriend stopped by for a visit. 
Grandma Na and Jonas

Three more kids called to chat which was fun and always welcome!  Joel gave me the cutest watering can which he had the garden center fill with pansies for me.  Love pansies.  The watering can matches last year's red hanging pail/basket.  With the American flag and Matt's police flag out front we usually make it a red, white, and blue area.  Eight years in the military and a son in the police force keeps us proud to be an American.

Monday we headed out stove shopping, found one we really like that was on sale,  and look forward to it arriving in a week or two.  As of now we still turn off the circuit breaker every night since we don't quite trust our out of control oven.  Even with the broiler element gone sometimes the oven heats too low and other times too high.  After purchasing the stove at Menards I went out to the car to wait....and wait....and wait.  Finally I texted Joel and he sent a two word reply.  "Healing Story".  I was quite annoyed with the long wait until he explained how he had shared his story with the clerk, she had asked him a few questions and they ended up praying together.  That is my cowboy preacher!  Sharing his story of God's goodness with the world.

Did any of you see the video about the attack cat?  A little boy was attacked by a dog and bitten on the leg.  The boy's cat came out of nowhere leaping into the air and attacking the dog which then ran off!  The mom was there quickly, but I think the cat got his message across.....don't mess with his boy! 

This past week was National Police Week.  Our oldest son is a police officer and has been on the job now for 15 years.  We are so proud of who he is and the excellent job he does to serve and protect others.

Dad, Matt, and Mom

Last night we used our new grill.  Joel bought an electric one after doing quite a bit of research on it.  We grilled pork chops and sweet potato wedges.  I think it is a learning curve here......chops were a bit overcooked and wedges undercooked!  We still enjoyed them!  We decided we will give it the summer to see if we like the way it grills or go back to the gas option.

This morning Joel is at the church for Belgian Waffles and then this afternoon we head across the street from St. James to another church where my sister and her family are having a graduation party for their grandson.  Will be fun to see everyone.

We have been walking quite a bit outside.  Usually 1.5 miles each time now.  Takes around 40 minutes for me to walk at a good pace.  So nice to be out in the fresh air.

I have been reading a Joanna Fluke mystery and also finishing up the book by Jennifer LeClaire entitled, "Doubtless:  Faith That Overcomes The World."  I have watched a few online teachings and we are into the finales for Dancing With The Stars and American Idol.  What have you been up to?


Kim said...

Renee, I've missed coming by! The watering can with posies is beautiful. It makes me wish for summer just seeing the photo. I'm also going to google this attack cat video now and see if I can find it. :)

It sounds like you guys had a busy and beautiful week. It's amazing what God has done in your lives and how much they've changed in the last few years. He's so good to us.

I've been working my new job on top of my old job, so things have been busy. But I'm putting it on God's plate and relying on Him each moment and saying "no" to what I need to say no to. I'm reading "Rhinestone Jesus" by Kristen Welch and catching up on The Goldbergs on TV.

Happy Sunday! I hope this next week is just as beautiful and blessed!

Debbie Huffaker said...

I adore that red watering can! And, the story of the little boy's cat attacking the attack dog...priceless!!! HOPE you have an awesome week!!!

Gayle said...

Oh, such a lovely visit! We had confirmation at our church this Sunday as well. We went wedding dress shopping this week for my youngest daughter. It was a crazy adventure but we ended up happy and said yes to a dress!

Sharon said...

Would you believe that last week we were hit by a heat wave in California?? Temperatures in the 90's and low 100's!! And still more wild wind!

Loved the photo of you, Joel, and Matt. We owe so much to these men and women who serve to enforce our laws and protect us. Good job, Matt!

I heard about the attack cat. I don't know how anyone can question that our pets have genuine affection for us. I think loyalty is one of their best qualities.