Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our Story Is His Story

There is a heavy weight of stress we carry when we attempt to keep our story hidden from ourselves and from others.  When we are afraid to face the truth about ourselves.....what we have done or what has been done to us.

Bonnie Gray shares these insights in her book, "Finding Spiritual Whitespace", which  counter balances the "just get over it" mentality echoed from a segment of our society.  A mentality that seems to come from a belief that we need to deal with our brokenness by burying, pushing past, denying, glossing over, or ignoring it.  This is so not healthy and I don't believe it is part of God's plan either.  Burying  parts of our past does not make us strong,  it actually weakens us.  It takes great courage to embrace and speak about our personal stories and then step out in faith, trusting God for the healing that will come when we realize that "God's mission field is your heart." (Bonnie Gray)

Not everyone chooses to write out their story in a public fashion.  We are vulnerable when we put our heart out on the Internet.....(Lysa TerKeurst) or as Bonnie has in the form of a powerful book.  I  believe that being able to voice that which holds us captive is cathartic and empowering.  Hopefully it is not anyone's intention to hurt someone, but to help others.  I know that when I share my story my goal, like Bonnie's, is to empower others and give God praise for how He has walked with me on my journey to wellness.

Bonnie is a well educated and professional woman.  She was a wife, mom, author, and speaker when in an instant her life took a dramatic turn.  A sudden panic attack left her confused and shaken, eventually leading to a diagnosis of PTSD from a traumatic childhood.  For many years she had been "strong" and dealt with her past by denying, forgetting, or pushing past that which hounded her.  Until she had no choice....until Jesus met her in the middle of her mess of PTSD and repressed memories bubbling to the surface.  He took her hand and walked with her into the light. 

Courage. Bonnie had the courage to seek help and she has the courage to listen to what Jesus tells her......to embrace her inner child and let Him love her.  And to let Him walk with her and the little wounded girl inside as they journey into all that He has for her.  Healing........freedom.

We all have a story to share.....and how realistic or healthy is it for our children, loved ones, or others if we only acknowledge the good....and deny or erase the bad, or even the ugly?    Our story is God's story...of truth, of brokenness, of healing, of redemption, of success and failure, of God's desire to heal our hearts.  Our story is His story.


Elaine said...

Well written, Renee. I haven't finished the book yet, but Bonnie's story speaks into my heart at every page challenging me to let God heal and restore the broken parts.

Elaine said...

Well written, Renee. I haven't finished the book yet, but on every page, Bonnie's story challenges me to let God reach into my heart and bring healing and restoration.

Lisa Lewis said...

Thank you so much for your post. Your words resonate with me as I have just finished reading Finding Spiritual Whitespace as well. Thank you for saying what is; it takes courage to tell both sides and take the risk of being vulnerable.