Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning all!  We are enjoying another beautiful day here in corn country.  I am sharing a few more pictures...these were taken along the river road we walk.  Managed 1.5 miles every day except for last Monday.

This corn field is along the road and borders our association.
Wasn't the sky beautiful?!

This wildflower is so pretty

Every once in awhile we take a selfie to send
to the was Friday's!
I am wearing a new hat in the picture.  I needed something that kept the sun off my face for the most part and protected my eyes a bit more.  Hats do nothing for me, so I asked Joel to pick one he liked on my big head.  This was it.  Actually, there was one more~ a cowboy hat like his...I vetoed that.  If we still lived in Montana I would have considered it, but here in the Midwest?  One cowboy in the family is enough!  A lot of drama over a hat, right?!
The other day I was upstairs changing when Joel came up and coaxed me into splashing in the rain with, with thunder rumbling overhead and rain coming down we went out and walked barefoot in the rain.  Water was rushing down the side of the curb fast and at least a few inches deep.  It was more fun that I wanted to admit to my crazy hubby!

We decided to do what the rest of the world does and eat out.  We went to Ruby Tuesday's on Thursday night before heading to Target.  I came home and told Joel that was nice, but once every 4 months is enough for me. He then reminded me the staff at St. James are taking him/us out for lunch next week.  (giggle)  Eating out twice in one week!  Wowza!!  I know it sounds strange to most people, but I have always preferred eating at home...I mean really, think about it.  You go to a place where your food comes to the table cooked by someone you never see and don't eat totally surrounded by strangers.....and you pay enough money to cover quite a few meals.  Okay it is not really that bad, but I just felt the need to present a different perspective.  It just came to mind that I used to hate staying in hotels and now enjoy it.  Hmmmmm There is hope for me yet!

Now, when I I was a baby my parents owned a café in WA.....and I think another in MN before I arrived.  Small café in a small town.  I used to spend time in a crib put in the kitchen while they cooked the food for local patrons.  I expect they knew everyone who came in the door~!  We lived in a small town like that in Montana where you knew most everyone.  We actually would attend the sporting events because the whole town went.  If you know how little we know about or enjoy sports you would find that amazing:).  It was a good place to visit with people!

Speaking of food.....the local Farmer's Market is up and running so we are heading there to see what is available. Hoping to find some June berries soon.  We STILL have blueberries in the freezer from last year's 60lbs we purchased.  Almost out of maple syrup, though.  It is great to have a freezer.  This one was purchased in 1976 so I think we got our money's worth.  I just have to say it...."They don't make things to last like they used to!"

Joel will preach his last sermons tomorrow at St. James.  It is actually a time of questions.  He has does this several times with good success.  The people come with questions and his answers come from the Bible, the Synod, or as a Joelism.  If needed his answer will be "I don't know."  I love his honesty and integrity.  My cowboy preacher tops my list in case you couldn't tell!  We will miss the people at St. James. 

Joel has accepted a call as Interim to a small church in a small town around 35 minutes from here.  He filled in there last November and December and officiated at their confirmation service in May.  They are the small church with a big heart.  Love to sing, and the energy there is so positive.  Not sure how long we will be there, but they are eager for Joel to guide them as they make some changes and decisions in moving forward.

Today is our grandson Jonas's 6th birthday.  He will be in first grade next fall and is our youngest grandchild!  Happy Birthday Jonas!  No more babies until the great-grands come along and we hope that is another ten years or longer since our oldest grands are only going into 10th grade!

I have been reading Bonnie Gray's book, "Finding Spiritual Whitespace:  awakening your soul to rest".  It is a powerful read!  I have been writing about it here as part of her launch team.  We watched the movie, "Frozen" last night!  Yes we did!  It was actually pretty good, and we enjoyed the humor.  We are waiting for several summer shows to start again, but really prefer porch sitting!  What have you been up to?

Until next time..............


Anita Johnson said...

Fun catching up on you and Joel! I'm sure both of you will be a blessing to your interim church. I love that they like to sing! Keep on walking. This all made me smile!

Sharon said...

You and Joel are such busy souls! I love reading about your life and adventures. Good news about the new church. I love watching how God directs you both to *just the place* He wants you to be! You guys are a blessing.

And I like the hat! Good choice, Joel!