Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday afternoon all!  Today's forecast calls for a high of 82 with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms, but thankfully the sun is shining brightly right now. We are still recovering from the storms, tornadoes and torrential rains that started Monday night!  Our river road is still dry, but the river is over the banks in our small park,  and flooding the large park here in town.  Still nothing like my brother and SIL who texted a picture of someone kayaking in their back yard where water from a large creek has flooded.  They even had a snapping turtle lay eggs by their deck!   Weather across the country seems to be so extreme.

Monday we headed to Mn to my home town where we visited with several of my family.  Joel was surprised with a birthday cake while there.  One daughter and her three treasures came and then followed us home.  We had just made a pizza for supper when the tornado sirens went off so we ate in the basement.  It was quite a stormy night.  They planned to stay until Thursday morning but flash flood warnings and closed roads kept them here until Friday.  A bonus for us!

So Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we shopped, played on the Wii, watched the movie Frozen, did a craft, snuggled a lot, and stayed up late talking.  What fun to have our house filled with the voices of children, and one on one time with our girl.

Wednesday our youngest and her boyfriend came and we celebrated her 28th birthday with supper and cupcakes.  Our oldest is 44 and our youngest is now 28....and that makes us......?  Young parents, right?  Not.  But certainly young at heart.

While walking this morning we watched a doe off to the side of the river road.  She was not afraid of our presence (maybe the same deer that was in our yard!), so we snapped a few pictures.  They are beautiful animals, aren't they!

Joel is getting a few projects done around the house, but also taking time to relax and enjoy the time off.  We hope to get more purging done too.  Judas Priest!   How much stuff can two people have?  46 years worth, I guess.
I am still reading Liz Curtis Higgs book about Ruth and we now have Netflix so we watched an old episode of Magnum PI last night.  We have not watched TV all week with family here, but played quite a few games on the Wii with the kids!
Until next time..........

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NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, I loved catching up with you! We've had lots of rain and thunder as well, but our rivers have finally receded. My brother and sister of my heart were here for Thursday and Friday and it was wonderful. I sure wished they lived closer! I love having our daughters & their families so closes to us. Hope you have a blessed weekend.
Hugs, Noreen