Thursday, June 26, 2014

Space To Breathe

This week Bonnie Gray over at Faith Barista asked her readers to write about an experience with spending time in quietness. Bonnie wrote a book I have talked about here often as part of her launch team ~~"Finding Spiritual Whitespace:  Awakening Your Soul To Rest".  Whitespace is that space where we rest with God as His beloved.  Finding joy in the quiet places.

When I read Bonnie's prompt, I immediately saw in my mind a recent moment of quietness.  Joel and I were channel surfing one evening and could not find anything worthwhile to watch on the screen from our comfy chairs.  After a few minutes Joel stood up and said, "I am not going to sit and watch lousy TV another night.  Let's do something!  Let's go to the lake".  Iowa has very few lakes but there is one only a 20 minute drive from us that we enjoy going to.  We grabbed our sunglasses and hats and off we went.

Soon we found ourselves sitting on a bench in front of the lake.  The sun was warm and low on the horizon and the winds were gentle.  Several people were strolling together along the walkway and others were sitting on the beautiful stone wall built during the depression era. Boats, pontoons and jet skies criss-crossed through the water as it reflected the sun's light.  Families stood out on the docks fishing.  Far across the horizon the "Lady of the Lake" double-decker paddlewheel boat was taking people for a evening ride.

As we sat together arm in arm, I could feel my body relax.  Large bodies of water seems to have that affect on people, or at least on us.  We spent a glorious hour de-stressing while enjoying the view.  Conversation was optional as we sat quietly watching a screen only nature could create.  It was such an enjoyable evening we have gone back a few more times. 

It is so important to take time for quiet spaces, for whitespaces where we rest with God.  Where we stop doing and embrace being.  Bonnie's book, "Finding Whitespace" is a wonderful guide for moving into that place of rest, of trusting God while sitting in quietness. 

I am linking up today with Bonnie and her Whitespace Link Up.

21 Days of Rest: Finding Spiritual Whitespace

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Krista Sprankle said...

What a nice way to spend time with your hubby! Isn't it nice when you can spend time with someone but you don't feel like you have to hold conversation and you can just be?

We live within walking distance to a lake. We don't walk down to rest on the benches as much as we should. I know we'll miss the convenience once we move.
always love reading your posts Renee! :)