Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Fall Day to you this Sunday from our corner of Iowa where God is showing off all His creation!  I know I have said this many times before, but I love Fall in the Midwest.  There is nothing like the vibrant autumn reds, oranges, rusts, and golds adorning the trees and bushes here.   Even though our yard is covered in leaves, there are plenty more on the trees.  The geese are gathering together, the squirrels are gathering nuts, the farmers have gathered the harvest.  A central theme going here.  Gathering......

We have been walking around the association and down by the river daily.  We have seen very little deer this year, which is unusual for where we live.  Here are a few photos of Fall from our yard. They are not very good quality, but still give you a taste of Autumn.

View from our living room window

Our bush by the garage on
a cloudy day

Adding fall colors with his
my crazy hubby

Last Sunday Joel filled in at a small town about 30 miles from here.  We came home, ate, napped, and headed to Our Saviour's Lutheran across town, where Joel served for 10 years.  He took part in the ordination of a woman who was a member of the church when Joel was there.  It was a wonderful service, a joyous time of celebrating with Jane.

Tuesday we went to the Farmer's Market and then did some furniture shopping, ending up with a new dining room set.  We were able to purchase it at an okay price, and will see it delivered the end of the month.  We bought our current set, the only new one we have ever had, at a Montgomery Ward outlet store in Chicago 18 years ago!  We paid only $180.00 for the table and 4 chairs.  It is amazing it has lasted this long.  Of course Wednesday I went in for the CT and tattooing session to prepare for radiation.  Wednesday night we headed to church for the teaching on Healing.  Thursday night we went back to church for a Worship and Prayer service.  Friday night we went over to friends for supper and a good visit.

Saturday we headed back to the furniture store to look for two chairs/recliners.  We ended up going to the 4 stores in town before settling on one for me.  We found one for Joel at the first store we stopped at. We also found one for me, but were not sure it would work.  We realized that we like sitting near each other for meals (I know, we should be at the table but rarely are), for devotions, for watching TV.  ALL of our chairs are worn out....cushions, or springs, or material, so it was time.  Joel ended up with a nice moderate size leather recliner which was not our intention going in!  I found a chair that does recline, but also has a good headrest, and firm but not too firm seat.  Sounds like the story of the three bears!  The biggest thing for me is that my legs need to touch the floor and do not cut off circulation. I have very short legs.  I buy pants in a "short" and still have to hem them.  found only two in the whole town that met my criteria!  Does anyone else have that problem?!?!?  I do like the one we found, and we look forward to sitting comfy and cozy together.

I confess that my emotions nearly got the best of me on Thursday night when we were going to Praise church.  Overall, everyone has embraced us as Lutherans there in this nondenominational spirit flowing congregation.   Us Lutherans who believe and practice the prophetic, speaking in tongues, and praying for and expecting healing.  There is one guy who has had to state his opinion on Lutherans.  At a Fall picnic when he found out Joel was Lutheran he asked, "Does anyone in the Lutheran church even preach on salvation?"  I did not hear that, but Joel responded, "Every Sunday!" It did not seem to change his opinion of "those Lutherans",  Well, Thursday night when we got out of our car to go inside the church he was there and said to Joel, "It is good to see that Lutherans are coming to their senses..."  As my mom would said, it ruffled my feathers.  I looked him straight in the eye, and in a very firm voice with one finger raised said, "Be. very. careful."  He new exactly what I meant and kind of backtracked.  I did not show much grace, but I definitely showed some righteous anger!   I often feel there is a lot of insecurity in people who feel they know it all, have it all, and sit above others on the throne.  Last I looked, Jesus was King!  Ok, I'm done now.

Joel is out blowing and bagging leaves after we had a nice walk along the river.  While walking we ran into the woman we call our "river road character".  She is probably close to 80, spunky, outspoken,  and has been walking her whole life.  She walks at a steady fast pace between 4-5 miles daily when she can.  I am sure it has kept her going!  She likes to visit, so we always stop and chat for a few minutes.

I have been catching up on my magazine reading this week.  We were gone so much there was not a lot of time for anything but a few teachings online and our favorite TV shows.  What havc you been up to?

Until next time..........


Gayle said...

Oh, fall sounds wonderful where you live! It is nice here, but the alas, the rain comes back home. We really are a rain forest here and so fall brings back the rainy days.
I totally get it about your frustration with the man who made some comments. I feel like there is such diversity among the Christian community, and I enjoy each branch of it! But I get totally frustrated with people (who I believe are rather ignorant of the different expressions of faith) making those kind of statements.
I will be thinking of you this next week often.

Janey said...

As usual my sister Renee your sat. Scribbles Re awesome!! Get going on that book soon ok?? Love you much, Janey

Anita Johnson said...

I will continue to pray for you, Renee. And I like picturing the two of you in your chairs. We eat often in our chairs...yes, very guilty. But we are together too, that's what counts. I think of you often...

Renee said...

Thank you Gayle for your thoughts. We are having rain here today, but nothing like Washington.

Renee said...

Thank you for praying Anita. Hope you are feeling well?! Enjoying your new house......Recliners are not the latest design, nor pictured in House Beautiful, but they are cozy and comfy!

Renee said...

Hi Janey! Love you sister!!!!!