Thursday, December 12, 2013

Come To Me You Weary One

Sitting in her worn recliner with it's weakened frame, she found herself identifying.  Aging, broken, weakened and in need of repair just like the chair.  Her broken body, broken spirit, and broken thoughts burdened her with a sense of heaviness.  Weary.  She felt weary.  A cloud began to descend, making her movements slow and difficult.

He then began to whisper to her, the one that comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  Words of discouragement, words releasing fear, words and more words.  In a vulnerable state she took them in and sadly began to do his job for him, absorbing his whisperings as truth and speaking them as declaration.

His words now her words spread poison quickly, easily. Bringing others under the cloud.  Her words so powerful once with joy now a magnet of negativity releasing grief and anger in someone she loves.  Not only herself.

Accomplishing his goal, the enemy smiles and moves on, leaving behind division from flesh.  From sin manifest in words spreading pain and discouragement and unbelief.

SomeONE waits quietly.  The ONE, the I AM waits to hear from her.  Waits to hear words of repentance, and words of hope.  Waits patiently for belief and trust to return and the cloud to lift.  He knows healing is here. 

The ONE who heals, forgives, saves, redeems.  He gently holds the wounded and weary and from His Word, His words are sent to heal.......

"Come to Me,  all who are weary
and I will give you rest......"
Matthew 11:28


Anita Johnson said...

Dear Renee,
You know the health battle I am in...I posted this very scripture on my blog today and then come here to find this beautiful rendition in song...thank you...what a blessing.

Renee said...

So sorry you are in such a health battle...praying for you friend. I love this is soothing when my soul gets weary...Hugs and Merry Christmas...