Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Memorial Box Monday: Hot Pink Tennies!

I am linking up at Linny's cyber home, A Place Called Simplicity to share a Memorial Box Monday story of God's provision and faithfulness.  Stop over there and read more inspirational stories of God's goodness!  My story is more recent and continues to bring encouragement on a daily basis in our home.
My walking shoes

On an early fall day last year the UPS man came to the door and delivered a package into my hands.  I had been waiting with anticipation for it to arrive and unwrapped the package quickly.  Out of the box came a pair of hot pink Reebok princess classic tennis shoes!  Hot pink!  Yes!!

Just a couple weeks earlier I had been  looking for tennies and came across these.  I knew they were the right choice for me to walk out my healing as soon as I laid eyes on them.  You see, just 2 years ago I could not have imagined going walking.  I could hardly walk around my home most days as I struggled with Lyme Disease and several co-infections.  It had gone undiagnosed for 23 years and five years of treatment had kept it from sending me to an early grave, but it had not put the disease into "remission".  And then God revealed to us a new plan.

In January of 2011 my husband Joel was healed of Lyme Disease and other conditions overnight.  This put us on a quest for what the Bible says about healing and as we studied and prayed, I too, was healed from the bacteria that had invaded every part of my body.  Doctors confirmed what we knew, that the Lyme was dead and gone by the power of prayer.  God began healing me on the inside, too, from childhood trauma...in my heart and soul.  During this time of healing I continued to struggle in some areas, but God impressed on me over and over again to walk out my healing.  Literally and spiritually. 

Thanks to friends like Linny, Katherine, Kim and Kerin, and my wonderful husband, I had the support and insights needed to keep going.  There were times I would end up back in my recliner wondering if I would ever get out and walk again.....during those times I would put my shoes on as I sat in my chair, or put them next to me to as a constant reminder of God's deep love and faithfulness, and His promise for healing.

Eighteen months ago I could walk 3 minutes. Period.  Now I walk 1 to 1.5 miles every day, and on a recent trip to the east coast I walked over 5 miles in one day in NYC.   We made a point to walk every day we could ~ in hotel or church parking lots, at Niagara Falls, on the Appalacian Trail, the streets of the cities we stayed in. 

 It is not just the physical walking that we are rejoicing over.  I was homebound, unable to be exposed to normal every days smells, fragrances, etc.  I had not ever been to my childrens homes, and I was unable to go to church, a store, and more.  I was held captive in my own home.  And then God opened our eyes...spoke His Word to us....and told me to "go out into the world and fear nothing."  W.a.l.k. 

Just a month ago we went on our first vacation since 1986, traveling 3,000 miles into 10 states., spending 14 nights in hotels.  Me.  The girl in the bubble.  As I said before in NYC we walked over 5 miles, rode three subways, two commuter trains, and a ferry.  ONLY GOD!

Ready for NYC!

My pink tennies are a constant reminder of God providing strength and healing in our lives.  When God gives you a promise He really means it!  When people comment on my hot pink tennies........and believe me they do, I have a story to tell.  A story of God's healing power, His faithfulness, His provision.  In fact I just told our story to my eye doctor today when he mentioned my tennies! 

My tennies won't fit into my Memorial Box and I am certainly not ready to put them on a shelf, because every time I put them on I cannot help but smile and praise God for what He is doing in my life!


Anita Johnson said...

Your story is so encouraging to me...maybe I need bright pink shoes too! My latest test still came back positive for Lyme's, meeting with an infectious Disease specialist this week....we are moving in the right direction.

Sharon said...

Renee, this is one of the most inspiring posts I have ever read! What a tremendous story you have about your faithful prayers, and God's miraculous answers!

I love your hot pink tennies - both for how awesome they look, AND for what they represent.

You are a treasure, Renee, and your story is so encouraging. Thank you for sharing this.


Gayle said...

Wow, I have heard bits and pieces of your story, but this is the first time I have had it laid out. What an amazing story of healing! I know that God is continuing to heal you both in body and in spirit.

lori said...

Oh Renee I just love this. Those hot pink tennis shoes scream His goodness. Thankyou for sharing this with us and I praise God for His healing not only your physical body, but your tender heart and scars of your past. He is doing a new thing Praise all to Him. Wish I could spend a day or even an hour with you and Linny!

Mom Of Many said...

Soooo thrilled Renee for you, Joel and the life you have been given back. He is faithful, but you have been walking it out - literally!! I rejoice with you! Love from Phoenix! xo

Renee said...

Sorry to hear you are still positive for Lyme. praying you find help and the treatment you need. We just talked to a woman today in SW MN who is struggling with Lyme and treatment. It is difficult but not impossible..

Renee said...

Thanks Sharon! Glad you like my tennies. They are unusual, that is for sure.

Renee said...

Thanks Gayle for your encouragement...love you blog and the pictures you share.

Renee said...

Thanks Lori for your sweet words. Praying for you~

Renee said...

Linny! Thanks for coming by friend.....and for your encouragement and inspiration.