Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning to you from snowy Iowa.  We are expecting 2 inches of snow over the next couple of days.  Yesterday we had freezing drizzle visit our area, so the coming snow does not seem so bad.  A white Christmas!  We will enjoy least for now.

Other things we enjoyed this past week?  Well, last Saturday we headed into "north country" to visit family.  We were blessed to take care of three of our treasures while the parents went out on the town.  It was great fun.  Sunday morning we watched their Christmas program with mom directing the pageant.  As usual the little ones made the audience chuckle, especially the wooly sheep who, according to precious #3,  were "dropping wool all over the place"!!  What fun!  Later in the day we visited Joel's family to help his Aunt celebrate her 107th birthday!  She is in a nursing home and wheelchair now, but her younger sister is still up and about, living on the farm with her son and getting around the place on her golf cart!   Harriet even donned Joel's cowboy hat during the event!  She is 101 years young!

We stopped and saw Gr. Jo on the way home.  She is doing great!  Amazing grace.....strong again and driving all over the place with no after effects from her mild stroke in November.

We also enjoyed receiving many photo cards this week along with updates on the family of course!  One friend I have not hugged for 37 years since saying goodbye at Clark Air Force Base, The Philippines. There are others too that stay in touch across the miles and the years.  So, we cherish old friends and the photos that show passing years but not forgotten friendships.

We have been on the go since getting home.  Shopping, wrapping, baking, and organizing for the family  who will be gathering after the holiday.  What did we ever do before the Internet where in a click we order and have things delivered to our homes.....ahhhhh YES!  I do remember years of shopping myself into exhaustion when we had 8 kids to buy for and little money to spend.  I would do it again just to have them home Christmas morning :).  Well, maybe just one time!  ha...

While shopping at Dayspring, one of my favorite places to go online, I found a great pillow cover on clearance 75% off.  It spoke to me when I saw the verse written in part on the linen.  "In quietness and trust is your strength."  God gave me that verse a year ago to meditate on from Isaiah 30:15

I am still challenged by back issues so between the trip and that I took a week off from walking my daily mile.  Started to walk again yesterday because in obedience I walk.  Speaking of that, the other day I was in a shoe store and was wearing my hot pink walking tennis.  The clerk chatted a bit and then said, "You know I just can't take my eyes off your pink tennis shoes!"  (giggle)
My shoes are often an opportunity to tell my story on walking my way to full healing.

Christmas will soon be upon us.  Our youngest daughter, Sarah, will be here with her son Jonas and then the rest of the family will come for that weekend.  We look forward to turkey with all the trimmings for Christmas and pork roast dinner plus more when the family arrives.  ChristmIas Eve services will be at the church Joel was filling in at.  This will be his last service there ~ the small church with a big heart.

I have been reading mostly Christmas newsletters, a few blogs, and a Guidepost story or two.  No time for books as I usually fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  How has your week been?

Until next time............


Kim said...

Renee, I've missed reading your posts! I've been checking in quickly on Facebook, so I'm glad to stop by today. You've had quite the week! It sounds like a lot of travels and family time to see some amazing family members. I hope you enjoy a nice white Christmas with your family! Heshan and I are in Colorado with his mother and are loving the slower pace of life and lots of rest. Hugs to you both! (Also, I wanted to tell you my Christmas cards are late but should reach you by Wednesday!)

Donna said...

Merry Christmas Renee!! The Internet sure has simplified things hasn't it?! Your daily mile and pink tennies are inspiring me today. :) time for a walk!!!

Sharon said...

This week has been full of last-minute decorating. Not as busy as your week, though!! But, I can just picture you running around in your pink tennies!

Renee, wishing you and yours a very Merry CHRISTmas! May the love and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ surround you.