Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning to you from what has been the arctic north!  Good grief it has been cold in our corner of the world.  We are hoping to warm up into the low 20's for a couple of days before plunging back into the miserable.  We have about 3 inches of snow on the ground so it will be a white Christmas. 

Speaking of snow, parts of New York and other places out East seem to be buried under it..  W.o.w.  It is going to be a looooong winter at this rate! 
It has been a quiet week here in Iowa's Lake Woebegone.  On Sunday Joel preached his last Sunday service for the church he has been filling in at.  He will preach Christmas Eve for them and I look forward to it ~ I found myself pretty emotional about leaving this congregation.  They have so much joy!  There are many bigger churches that could learn from this little church with a big heart!

We have our tree decorated and are enjoying it so much.  After so many years of having one on the deck outside it is fun to have one inside!  When or kids were growing up we would play the Alabama Christmas cassette tape while decorating, so we put in a CD of the same music while Joel and I placed ornaments on the tree.  It is the only time I play it during the season as it brings up so many emotions.   I do enjoy listening to Christmas music by James Taylor, Sarah McLachlan, Kenny G, and also Faith Hill's Christmas rendition of Joy to the World is great!   Who do you listen to at Christmas?

Speaking of joy, I finished our Christmas cards and got them off.  Our "theme" this year was.......wait for it.....JOY!  Looking back at ALL we have done and the places we have gone and the celebrations we have is all about joy and thankfulness.
Speaking of joy and thankfulness, we are thrilled that Gr. Jo is doing so well after her mild stroke.  She is recovered.  Does not need physical therapy and can drive her car.  Amazing!!! The power of prayer and good genes. 

Do you like to do Christmas baking?  I do!  Hard not to dig out all the old recipes and bake bake bake!  Cookies are on the top of my list, but since I don't eat them that leaves only Joel and he can only eat so many :).  I added ribbon to the tree today......I love the country/natural look.  We did walk most days, but I did something foolish a few days ago that caused my lower back to complain, so my walking has been limited....for now.....

We have been busy shopping and it is just like I remember  ~ lots of time and energy to buy the right gift with a dose of frustration and many plan B's.  Are we having fun yet??  Mostly it has been fun, but there have been moments................
I have not been reading much, mostly Internet and store shopping to finish up.  I am still reading Chan's book, Crazy Love, and into a Smith Wigglesworth book on healing.  There have been a few Christmas specials and Hallmark movies on TV along with a great NCIS again this week.  I love the humor they bring into that show.  And of course a few "Gibb slaps" thrown in.

How are your Christmas preparations going?  Don't forget to take time to put on a Christmas CD or the radio, light or turn on the fireplace, sit back with a good cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and just enjoy the tree and decorations.  A few moments of Christmas joy to revive a tired spirit!

Until next time.........


Sharon said...

My Christmas preparations are a bit behind! But, the weather has been cold, so at least it feels like winter! We're planning to get a tree next week - and try to do some Christmas cards, too.

But, the thing that I am enjoying the most is pondering the realities of what it means to have a God who became one of us.

Such a humble and loving Savior!


Gayle said...

Oh, what a blessing that sweet congregation has been and I am sure you both have been a blessing to them. I will probably start baking soon. I was given a tin of cookies today as I went for a visit with the girlfriends. It was so wonderful. I am longing for some snow, perhaps a little bit tomorrow, we'll see! I've been seeing the beautiful photos on blogs today. I love to listen to Pandora's Christmas music and I have a C.D. called Welcoming Winter that is just acoustic and simply peaceful and beautiful.
Have fun

Renee said...

Wishing you a joyous Christmas, Sharon!

Renee said...

Hi Gayle
Yes, I have enjoyed this little but powerful congregation. Sounds like you are going to have a bit of snow for Christmas...we too have snow and more on the way.