Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from our very cold corner of Iowa.  Yikes!  It is below zero in double digits with nasty wind chills  and snow forecast for the weekend.  I have pulled out the smart wool socks and am snuggled in under my Woolie (wool comforter) at night.  Just a few days ago it was 46?  What is up with the drastic weather changes lately!  Ugh..... We did miss the snow that buried northern Minnesota, this past week.

We managed to walk outside some earlier this week.  Two of the days we walked in fog, quite pretty actually, although we watched closely for cars on the river road and stuck to the paths among the houses one of the days.  The rest of the week we walked at the mall.  Starting January 2nd we can walk at the church where Joel will be Interim for another option.

Walking to river road

I love how the trees are
reflecting on the wet path

Speaking of Interims, Joel interviewed at two places and was asked by both churches to come serve and help them through the process of finding a new pastor. He chose the one that is closer to home after taking time to pray and fast about it. He is looking forward to working with a congregation again, and he knows some of the people in the church from years past.  I am happy for him, but admit to being sad at times for the fact that we will spend less time together.  I like our togetherness.

We went tree shopping this week and found a really nice Frasier Fir at Menard's here in town!  Joel had to huff and puff to get it in the house since the trunk was so heavy and the tree was so wide.  You can see here, it looks beautiful and it is not even decorated yet!  Yay!  A tree in the house again :).  Another blessing.

Tree with lights waiting to
be decorated!

This week we received a newsletter from Gracia Burnham and her foundation which was set up after her husband, Martin, was killed by terrorists in the Philippines.  They were missionaries in the P.I. and were taken captive and held for over a year.  During a rescue operation, Martin was killed.  It is not safe for her and her family to go back to the P.I but she still has a heart for the people there.   Once again her letter brought to mind the P.I.

I remember our first Christmas there....we had a large star piñata on the porch of our house and a very dry tree inside the house.  Christmas trees were actually shipped in from the states for military families, but they were sooooooooo dry you could not put lights on them.  Still, we stood in line for a very long time to purchase a tree so we could keep a tradition from home in our living rooms.  We called home to the states that first year too, and when we did we talked for like 3-5 minutes saying words like "roger" and "over" when we talked!  That short conversation cost us $60 way back in the 70's.  Cell phones were still a futuristic dream! 

I almost have my cards finished and ready to go out.  It was fun to pick out pictures from our trip to put on cardstock.  I wrote a newsletter as usual, and we purchased 125 stamps for mailing.  I forgot to order more address labels though, so I have had to write out our return address for most of them.  That won't happen next year!  This time of year I find myself waiting for the mailman to arrive so I can catch up on all the news and see the latest photos.  Fun!

Friday we went shopping as I was on a quest to find a cardinal for a friend.  Not a real cardinal of course, just a little ceramic or resin cardinal...We went to one store......then another....then another...we ended up looking in seven stores.  Seven!  N.o.t.h.i.n.g.  One woman at our local Hobby Lobby told us that is was a "cardinal" year...they sold out of what they had very quickly!  I have forgotten how long it can be to find that one gift you have your mind set on. Maybe shopping online is not so bad after all.  :)

I have the book, "Crazy Love" by Frances Chan on my nightstand along with a few Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines, but mostly I am spending my spare time preparing for Christmas.  What have you been doing to prepare for Christmas this week?


Gayle said...

That photo of the trees reflected in the rain is so beautiful Renee, it needs to be much larger to highlight it! I haven't done much shopping yet for the holiday, next week maybe. We are locked in an unusual cold front here as well. Yesterday it was down into the single digits and our old house is groaning trying to stay warm and the heater is running non-stop. It is a time of transition for you two, but I have to say, it is a blessing to want him near you often. I don't know how we will cope when we are together full time. Have a good week, Gayle

Anonymous said...

snow frozen on the ground here in the pacific northwest too. :( need a trip to the tropical islands for Christmas. :)

Anita Johnson said...

So many good things to comment on... (o: