Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting With Gratitude

It is New Year's Eve and I am watching the heavy snow pile up as the light begins to fade.  We are expecting 4-5 more inches before it stops.  The trees look beautiful, but the cold has made itself known as I sit covered with a quilt, my hood up on my sweatshirt to warm my neck.  Winter is definitely here to stay.

A new year is coming here to stay too, as we walk into 2014 in just a few hours.  I wonder what joys and sorrows it holds for us.  "Whatever comes to pass, Lord, let me be singing when the evening comes"......I love those words from Matt Redman's praise song, "Bless the Lord" .

As I look back on 2013, I rejoice at all the blessings that have come our way.  Traveling to see our children and their families, going to healing conferences, attending family gatherings and more.  We are so blessed!  Life is an adventure and we have certainly had a few in 2013~~ with many more to come.  We have also grieved the loss of our dear Levi after 14.5 years of faithful unconditional puppy love.  We have been saddened by the death of a friend, and embraced the birth of a baby that made my sister and her husband great-grandparents! 

And I would be remiss not to mention that healing is here.  I love that song too.  "Healing is here....healing is here....healing is here and I receive it."  I have received healing this year in my body, mind, and soul and I am embracing it all as I give God the glory.

Some memories we are reflecting on ~ watching our grandchildren in a musical, seeing our oldest granddaughter confirmed, falling under the power of God, saying goodbye to Levi, winning a bean bag toss trophy, watching my brother and SIL say "I do", dancing the macarena with our granddaughter, celebrating the life of a friend, praising God with our son and grandson, going antiquing and quilt shopping with family, talking on the phone with our oldest son and his son, traveling 3,000 miles in 10 states with Joel's hand in mind, laying hands on Gr. Jo in prayer, reading to our grandson, having advent devotions with three of our treasures, attending Christmas services with our youngest daughter and our youngest grandson, celebrating after Christmas with family, and spending New Year's Eve at home with the love of my life. 

The ordinary has been the extraordinary for us this year as I ventured back into the world I left behind so many years ago.  We have taken nothing for
granted....walking.......traveling...eating .........laughing.....celebrating.....praying.....praising.......riding trains, subways, and ferries.....sleeping.....hugging.....embracing....reading......dancing.....It has all be a glorious adventure and we are giving thanks with grateful hearts.

And tomorrow comes 2014 and all it holds.  May your New Year's Eve be joyous, and may the new Year bring you joy as we embrace another year in God's loving care. 

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