Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Greeting A New Day In A New Year

I woke up to this new day in a new year with a smile on my face.  Not a bad way to start 2014, I'm thinking!  I grabbed Joel's phone from the upstairs bathroom and while waiting for him to open his eyes (how does he sleep past 6 am anyway) I logged on to a few blogs.  I was caught up in Ann Voskamp's manifesto over at A Holy Experience.  This woman of God makes me think...deep life changing thoughts.  The Holy Spirit moves through her in mighty ways.

Her manifesto, which is well worth the read, had me thinking more about my own plans for 2014.  I loved what she said about failing~ failing is not failure, it is just gaining experience.  Nice.  She spoke about memorizing scriptures, which brought to my mind the Living Word and how this living, breathing Word of God transforms our lives when we tuck it deep into our hearts and minds.  She has so many great thoughts to share, but the theme throughout seemed to be  "moving forward".  This same theme has been rising up like a phoenix in my devotionals the past week.  Just move forward.  What resonated for me were the words, "Whenever you are lost, forward is always the way home."
Ann inspired me to write down my own plans/goals for 2014 that have been rolling around in my head for a few days now .  Some are too personal to share, others are open to the world's reading.

Lose 5% of my body weight.  (it is a start...a doable start for a body that holds weight)
Begin in earnest, Tai Chi. (it is not as easy as it looks)
Walk 2 miles a day by the end of the year (hang in there pink tennis!)
Less TV and more of anything else good for me (my mind is not growing watching the tube...only my fanny),
Write more (I'm listening to you Jan)
Dance more, sit less.
Purge and freshen (time to shake up our home décor )
Praise, praise praise.....pray...pray...pray more ( thinking rejoice is my word for this year)
Soak more in the Word. ( I was humbled and convicted by observing my second oldest son read his Bible for over an hour in the early mornings)

There are more to this "more" theme, but that last one?  It needs to be first.  Soaking in the Word leads the way for any of the others being doable. 

A new day in a new year.  A new beginning.  There is a secret to be shared here.  We don't need to wait a year to set new beginnings.  New beginnings are always available with Jesus. Every. single. day.  Every hour.  So, as we face a new year, my prayer for you is all about new beginnings with our Lord.  May each day be an adventure!


Kim said...

Renee, thanks for sharing this. That is a great word for this year. My word is "follow" so I guess what you shared about moving forward is very applicable. It's crazy that you mention that, because I know that's what God is saying to me and yet at the same time it can feel overwhelming. I'm excited for your goals this year and I will encourage you on! I know you can do it through the power of Christ in you. Big hugs.

Gayle said...

Amen, I have many of the same goals. I have a mud room that is awful, just awful. I wrote in big letters CLEAN MUD ROOM for my "to do" list today. Purge was also a word I used writing down my January goals! I hope you are staying warm in this arctic blast, we have mild weather and for today-sunshine!