Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning to you from our corner of the world.  We have just come through a deep freeze with temperatures near -30 at night and wind chills of -50.  Like I said earlier in the week, it feels like we are back in Duluth.  We have had a couple of days in the low thirties now and except for the fog and freezing drizzle we are doing great!

Speaking of Duluth, we lived there from 1972-74', when Joel worked as a meteorologist at the Duluth Air Force Base.  In the summer temperatures averaged around 70-72 and in the winter?  Cold.  Just.  Plain. Cold.  Especially with the winds off Lake Superior.  I fell in love with that lake while living there, and as life would have it, we found ourselves going back there in the early nineties for our daughter's wedding.  Our SIL was from the Duluth area so were able to go back and see our old residence, and spend time walking by the Lake and enjoy the sights of Duluth once again.   It was a beautiful wedding at his parents church with Joel officiating. 

Last night we had company over for supper.  We were planning to go to a pastors and spouses Epiphany party at the rural home of two of the pastors in the conference.  Freezing rain and fog brought that party to a halt, but since we had what we were bringing ready to go and so did the other couple we know here in town, we got together for food and fellowship. 

We have spent the week walking once again at the mall, although we did venture outside to walk one day when the temperature was a balmy 11 degrees.  I wore two pair of pants, vest, coat, boots, hat, mittens and scarf and managed to keep from freezing.  Ha....  I am so ready for Spring and it is only January!

Joel and I are joining  Ann Voskamp's Jesus Project this year, memorizing verses from the book of John.  It goes along with the word I felt God telling me to focus on~ Jesus.  I am still amazed and grateful for the Internet connections that have joined me with other Christians online.  I have learned so much from those who walk with Jesus.  When my world was confined to my living room I felt removed from the isolation through the writings of others across the country and circling the globe.  I still enjoy these connections very much and continue to grow in my faith through the teachings online even as I live free to be out of my home once again.

Speaking of God, did anyone see the picture of the star that exploded and was caught by NASA?  It has been labeled the "hand of God" for obvious reasons.  So only God!

Today this picture gives me clarity and focus as we struggle with a situation that has Joel and I feeling like we are on a roller coaster ride blindfolded!  We have been asking the question "What do we know that we know that we know?"  We know that God is God.  "Be still and know that I am God.".....We know that all things work together for good.......

Speaking of God, I am still reading The Jesus Book, and I am ordering a new correspondence Bible course on Jesus ministry.  I am looking for a good fiction book right now, and plan to watch the new Hallmark series tonight ~ When Calls The Heart.  What have you been reading and watching?

Until next time............

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