Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good morning from the Arctic north....oh that's right, this is Iowa, but it is hard to tell when the highs are once again going to be in the minus digits.  It feels like we are back in Duluth MN.  Our high Monday will be breaking records at -15 with wind chills at near -50.  Lows for -26.  Bitterly cold. 

Last weekend our family came home except for our youngest who was here for Christmas along with her son.  I wrote about that earlier.
 Daughter Sarah and grandson on Christmas Eve

When the older four and their families were here we packed in games, shopping, visiting, and meals for between 13-18.  Most stayed two days..  It all went well since most everyone helps out.  They stay in a hotel so the kids can swim and the parents can talk into the wee hours.  That is my best guess anyway, since they come back to the house looking kinda tired the next morning!  I remember those days well.  We also had all the flood drama that I shared in a previous post.  Ahhhh, life!

We were able to have one of our grand-dog's here too.  Tucker is the size of a small pony, but as gentle as a lamb.  We have been missing Levi so it was nice to have a dog around again.  Joel even went for a half hour walk with him. Wonder who was walking who?

We had a good laugh when Tucker was trying to tell me he wanted to get up on the couch.  He talks to you by moving his mouth and making deep sounds in his throat.  He was doing that after laying his head on the cushion, so I asked him what he wanted.  He made his talking noises again so I told him if he wanted to be on the couch to just jump up.  He immediately hopped up and put his head on the pillow before falling asleep. Quite the character!
On Sunday we traveled to Minnesota where much of the family gathered with my brother and SIL for Gr. Jo's Christmas with the family.  We had another big meal, visited with a house full, and even sang a Christmas carol at Gr Jo's request.  We said goodbye to our own family there as they headed to their homes.  We were back in our cozy living room by supper time.
Joel and me on Sunday morning
I took some pictures of the setting sun on our way home. 
The first of the week I spent two days reading two books , hardly getting off the sofa except for walking.  The rest of the week was spent getting the tree out of the house, 5 tubs of ornaments and decorations put away, rearranging and cleaning the dining and living rooms, and walking at the mall.  I have been battling the beginnings of a cold thingy, but we just keep standing against it and so far so good with that.  The cold weather has stiffened me up a bit, and three weeks of steady activity including shopping, traveling 14 hours in 3 days, birthday and Christmas celebrations, cleaning the house for company, company Monday - Wednesday and Friday-Sunday and traveling Sunday again, and more I will not bore you with............all this activity has given me reason to rest a bit more. 
We have not watched much TV, but I read two fiction books after Christmas, and have started again Michael Koulianos book, The Jesus Book,  I went on Amazon yesterday and downloaded for FREE on my iPad Kindle three of Beth Moore's books.  I have plenty to read and reflect on right now as I hunker down with a quilt, my wool slippers, and a cuppa.   Over all it was a good 6 weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas and we are grateful.
How was your Christmas?
Until next time............


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures. Adorable grandchild. I hope you don't get too much of that cold air and snow they've been talking about on the news.

God bless your Sunday


Sharon said...

What lovely times!

Christmas Day I was alone with my husband, but days later, my whole extended family joined together for a celebration. All 16 of us! It was a very special day, and I'm so glad that my parents were also there.

New Year's was spent at a lovely dinner party with our neighbors. I actually made it to midnight!! :-)

This year promises to be a year when God is going to be doing surprising things in my life as He works out the word JOY in my heart!