Thursday, January 16, 2014

Polka Dot Love

I am joining with Bonnie over at Faith Barista today and writing on her prompt word ~ beloved.  Be loved. 

Today my husband Joel came home with a couple great surprises for me..... I was watching a teaching online when he came into the house and said, "I found something for you"......and out of a bag came a metal stamped basket that matched the colors in our house.  Adorable!  Then he said, "Oh, and I have something else for you"....and from behind his back came a cute top with polka dots and strips.  I immediately started crying, as I was overwhelmed by his gift.  You see, we walk in the mall every day in the winter and I had been looking at this top now for several weeks through the window of my favorite store.  I was waiting for it to go on sale, hoping to purchase it then.  Today as we walked by the shop, I noticed the tops were 25% off.  That was a start! I would be able to justify the price and could add it to my slowly growing spring/summer wardrobe.  ( I was homebound for 9 years and had not needed many clothes then.)  I wondered aloud if the price would go down more or if they would have my size, but never expected that Joel would go back to the store after lunch today and buy it for me!  I thought about Bonnie's prompt word right away.  I have often said that I know how much God loves me because he brought Joel into my life 48 years ago.  Today Jesus whispered to loved by him, my beloved.

Jesus often shares His love with us through the people he brings into our lives , but He also waits for us to come to Him for a loving relationship.  His love for us is palpable ~ living.  So here for us. He will not disappoint us.  His arms are always open as He whispers into our loved, my beloved.  Be. loved.  Let me love you with an everlasting love for you are My beloved!

While reflecting on Bonnie's prompt I began to ponder why it can be so difficult for us to always accept the love that Jesus offers.  His love for us is so strong, so present, so here.   Is this what holds us back?  The power in His love?  Does His love invite us to open our hearts with such transparency that it frightens us?  Do we doubt that our Creator could love us with all our faults and weaknesses laid out before Him?  Or do we have a trust issue?  No matter what gets in the way, Jesus sees us as we are and invites us to be loved as His beloved.  All we need to do is respond and embrace it, breathe it in.  Say yes.

I find great comfort in this....being His beloved.  And I also find great joy in something like a polka dot top that speaks of being loved. 


HisFireFly said...

He sees everything and love us anyway - I think we're afraid to see, so we try to hide from Him and ourselves -- and yes, He says be loved, My beloved"
Enjoy your new top!

Patty @ Hearts Homeward said...

Oh, Renee, this is so dear!
What a blessing to have a beloved who loves you in such specific, generous and sweet ways!
And now, every time you wear that top you can remember, Beloved - be loved.
Thanks for sharing the lavish love of God in your life.

Renee said...

THanks for coming by is amazing how He loves us anyway....God bless your day!

Renee said...

Hi Patty
Thanks for coming by...It is a blessing and you are so right, every time I wear the top I can remember how much I am loved by Joel and by Jesus!