Friday, January 24, 2014

Celebrate With Us!

Today, January 24th 2014 we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Joel's overnight healing from Lyme Disease and 2 co-infections, thyroid disease, recurring corneal erosion, gluten intolerance, sleep apnea, and arthritis.  Many of these conditions and diseases vanished with a "microwave" healing (instantly) as our friend Linny calls them, and the rest came "crockpot" a process taking a few months. 
To God be the glory!
On the night of January 23rd 2012 Joel and I watched a teaching titled "God Wants You Well" by Andrew Wommack that had been recommended by our friend Katherine.  After the teaching, we discussed what we had heard.  I remember asking Joel what he thought about Andrew's beliefs on healing and if he thought we would be healed here on earth.  We were both very sick at the time with Lyme Disease plus more.   Joel replied, "The teaching on healing is theologically sound and makes sense, but I just don't know."  I then asked him about speaking in tongues, which was also addressed in the teaching, and a gift of the Spirit I had desired for years....His reply, "I am going to have to think about that one.  What would I do with it?"
We went to bed pondering what we had heard, but Joel prayed quietly the way Andrew Wommack had~ not asking, but commanding sickness to die in the name of Jesus.  He woke at 4am and the first words out of his mouth were, "I am healed!"  He just knew in every fiber of his being that he. was. healed.  He then said, "And I can speak in tongues too, and he did!
To God be the glory!
He did not share this with me right away,  as he tried to absorb all that had happened.  I had a second mammogram coming up that morning so I was preoccupied with yet another health issue, but later in the evening I said to him, "Something is different about you, Joel.  What has happened?"  It was visible on his face, and his whole demeanor had changed.  He then told me about his middle of the  night healing and gift of tongues as confirmation, and we rejoiced together laughing and crying with amazement.
Joel struggled with this precious gift of healing because I was still sick, but we could not help but embrace his new found freedom.  His life had returned! We were amazed!  He kept saying he did not know what to do with the speaking in tongues, but I shared what I knew and researched all I could on it ordering books to devour on both healing and speaking in tongues.  We also watched more and more teachings on healing and I scooped up every article I could find that addressed the topic.
On that day our lives changed forever.  Since that early morning wake-up call from God, I have been on my own healing journey.  Mine has been mostly a "crockpot" healing both physically and emotionally with a few microwave healings thrown in.  We have never given up on believing God wants me (and all) well, and this past year we have seen big changes in my life too.  I have been set free from what bound me.  I am not there yet, but I am on my way.
To God be the glory!
This past year we have been able to attend a Healing service put on by Andrew Wommack's ministry and a conference on healing out in Westport CT at Pastor Paul Teske's church.  We have traveled to the homes of our family together for the first time in 10 years.  We are able to go as a couple to family gatherings, church services, and much more.  We are still learning all we can on healing and studying God's Word on it. 
To God be the glory!
The road we are on is sometimes lonely, especially as Lutherans.  I have lost friends who disagree with our beliefs and we have confused some who love us, yet we know we are being led by God and would not want to be anywhere else.  We are not saying that we have the only script for healing, but God has certainly changed our understanding of it.  He has opened the eyes of our hearts and His love guides us every step of the way. There is no going back.  The gift of speaking in tongues has greatly benefited both our lives...for us, praying spirit to Spirit has opened the scriptures more and blessed us with healing and joy.
To God be the glory! 
So, today we celebrate Joel's healing and give thanks to God for this amazing adventure He has placed us on.  We are so very blessed and feel strongly that we need to share Joel's testimony with the world. 
To God be the glory!


Michelle Holderman said...

Renee, praise the Lord for Joel's healing! I celebrate with you!! It is certainly something special to share with the world. I don't understand why some feel they cannot stay in relationship with others even though they might not agree with their beliefs. Or some part of them. I too benefit much from my heavenly language. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Love, love, love to you both!!


Kim said...

Renee, I love this testimony, and I'm grateful that you continue to publicly praise Him and share it with others even if some have disagreed. It's the power of God at work in each of you, and it's impacted many of us. I do believe that God heals in this way and I've witnessed it in others (especially you and Joel!) and in myself as well.

Much of my healing was also given through obedience (I like to think it's been like the blind man who was told to go wash the mud from his eyes in John 9) and I think that is because my Father is lovingly teaching me obedience and discipline since I've lacked these things without His direction.

But I think it's important to talk about and believe in this power of the Holy Spirit. The fact is, God is amazing and works in ways beyond what we can ask or imagine. Just because it seems outstanding doesn't mean we should doubt.

This issue of speaking in tongues came up in my life last month. I know that it's a gift of the Holy Spirit, but I haven't yet experienced it. This is a year that God is reminding me of how big His power is. Your story is a testimony of this. Praise God for what He's done in you and Joel's lives and I can't WAIT to see what He continues to do in your lives as you follow Him in faith. It's incredible to watch Him at work. Hugs to you both!

Renee said...

Thanks so much Michelle for your encouragement and support. Having a spirit language is a blessing isn't it.

Renee said...

Hi Kim
Thanks so much friend for your encouragement and friendship....I am so glad you have found our story to be a testimony of God's power. I am excited to see what is ahead this year too, for both of us....