Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Blizzard, A Noisy Fan, And An Unruly Vacuum

This past couple of weeks have been pretty challenging for us, and things just sort of came to a head on this past Sunday afternoon, leaving Joel and I ready for a hide-away to well, hide away in!

Our weather was only adding to the heightened feelings of frustration and anxiety.  We had been forewarned of a blizzard, and by late afternoon the weather took an abrupt turn with temperatures plunging and winds sustained at 40 mph and gusting over 50 mph.  Snow and bitter cold temperatures were causing more than our bones to complain as our house creaked and groaned loudly.

We kept hearing a banging noise in the kitchen somewhere....Joel finally figured out that the high winds were causing the lower bathroom fan to flap and vibrate, making a great deal of noise.  He decided to head downstairs and find a way to make it stop.  After finding yet another use for duck tape and plastic, he decided he would clean out the fan vent while he had it open.  He took the vacuum and put on the attachment so he could reach inside.  While sucking out the dust and lint, the attachment fell apart leaving him with just the end piece in his hands.  As he looked down to see what had happened to the rest of the hose he saw it fall into the toilet.  Before he could react it sucked ALL the water out of the toilet and into the vacuum bag!  The toilet bowl was dry by the time he was able to take action!

Seriously~  I am not kidding. 

Another bathroom fiasco~! 

He quickly jumped down and turned off the vacuum.  As fast as he could he took the water-logged vacuum bag out of the vacuum and got it outside and into the garage, blizzard or not!

When he came in and told me what happened he was laughing so hard he could not talk...which of course got me laughing....we were both hysterical over this latest toilet crisis. What is it with us and toilets!  Maybe the next time the toilet overflows we can just turn on the vacuum and suck the water out in record time...haha....ugh....yuck.

Needless to say the stress we were feeling was "sucked" right out of us!  They do say laughter is the best medicine!


Anita Johnson said...

Oh my! Glad you can find a bit of humor in all this!

Anonymous said...

Lots of great tropical hideaways. I hope you get to one soon you deserve it. :)

Renee said...

Thanks for coming by was funny :)

Renee said...

Thanks anonymous....