Thursday, January 30, 2014

He Calls To The Heart

This week Bonnie over at Faith Barista is asking us to share how God has been touching our hearts during the month of January, doing so through a photo journal.  I have used a mixture of my own photos, and others to share here. 

I begin with this photo of my husband Joel and myself
because God has been speaking to me a great deal 
about Joel going back to work as a pastor,
after having 6 months off
from his retired-and-now-refired  ministry work.
I love having Joel around 24/7
so my heart needed some of God's adjusting on this. 
Thank you Jesus.
A phone call and invitation from our grandson so
far away.....reconnecting us with
the son of our son Kevin, who died 9 years ago.
The importance of friends who pray, encourage, bless,
and reach out for the same through the cyber world and face-to-face.
They touch my heart as we walk our healing journeys
Thank you Katherine, Kim, Kerin
Family gatherings over the holidays have given us
great memories to hold close. We love our family, warts
and all.  January has God touching my heart to remember
the words above.  Bound by love and God's divine plan.
Let us love one another......
 Always, always, always
Holy Spirit Encounters
Holy Spirit
Phone calls of love from
sons and grandsons
Jesus speaking to me about rivers of living water
 and sending me Ezekiel 47 over and over and over
in scriptures, blogs, devotionals, and internet teachings
about getting deeper into the river of healing,
deeper and deeper
with less of me and more of God
and Joel's dream about us at a waterfall
(before he knew what God was sharing with me).
Only God.
Only God.
The importance of rest
Rest in Me
"In quietness and trust will be your strength"
Look for Jesus in people you meet
This is a great comfort to me
God sees me....
I am visible to Him
With a Father's love
He sees me.
Keep walking out your healing


Sharon said...

I loved your photo journal, Renee. So many things touched my heart - family, rest, healing. But, what especially reached me deep inside was your mention of the God Who Sees Me. Yes, for me also, this is such a great comfort!


~ Dorothy said...

Hi Renee ~
I am visiting from Faith Barista.

I loved reading your captions associated with your pictures. I am also intrigued to read Ezekiel 47, too.

Blessings ~ Dorothy

Trudy said...

Thanks so much, Renee. Such beautiful thoughts - "getting deeper into the river of healing, deeper and deeper with less of me and more of God." I especially love the picture with the Holy Spirit Encounters and your ending pic and sentiment with the feet.

Kristine McGuire said...

Hi. Visiting from the Faith Jam. What a wonderful photo journal and hearing what God is doing in your life.

HisFireFly said...

I love how God will speak the same word through many sources when He's trying to get our attention. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your heart

Renee said...

Hi Sharon....hope you are holding your own with the death of your dad. Glad you enjoyed my photo journal..quite a good idea, really.

Renee said...

Thanks for coming by Donna...

Renee said...

Hi Trudy....glad you stopped by. This was really a fun prompt wasn't it. God bless.

Renee said...

Hi Kristine...thanks for coming by!

Renee said...

You are welcome, HisFireFly.
Thanks for coming over to my cyber home!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours.

Peggy said...

Renee, nice to see the lovely picture of you all. I have been away from blogging for over a year and am trying to track some of my few blog friends back down. Hope you health is doing well or better for you. Sure you are having the cold weather as we are down here in SW MO. I have to tell you as I sat on my swing this summer in the yard I would kick off my sandles and touch the earth and it would bring to mind!! Hope to have time to catch up on some of your postings in the near future. Peggy