Monday, January 13, 2014

How Deep Is His Love!

My heart was deeply touched while reading Bonnie's recent post over at Faith Barista.  She was sharing the word God had given her to focus on in 2014 ~ beloved.   When she talked about a paintful childhood memory during her post, it resonated within.  She is healing from PTSD that surfaced over a year ago, and openly shared how she remembered laying on the floor weeping as a small child, feeling all alone and pondering why she was even here.  Now as an adult, she knows she was not alone, she knows Jesus was with her.  As an adult she goes back and visualizes Jesus with her during those painful times.  It is helping her heal from the PTS that holds her back from the full life God has planned for her.   My heart both ached and rejoiced for her as she opened her heart to her readers.

When Bonnie shared how she goes back and visualizes Jesus in the midst of a painful memory, I nodded my head in understanding.  It is part of the process used in Sozo ministry and I have used this same technique now for over a year.  When a negative memory surfaces surrounding my own childhood, Joel, who is trained in Sozo, sits with me as I visualize Jesus there in the midst of the painful memory.  I walk through it with Him, release the memory to Jesus by handing it to Him, forgive those involved including myself, and then ask Jesus for a blessing in return.  Often there is a great release that comes, calming my spirit and filling my heart with joy.  The Sozo techniques have released me from the PTS I was diagnosed with over three years ago.   It has been a significant part of my healing journey.

I am giving thanks today, knowing that Sozo is yet another way that God is putting all the pieces of His divine puzzle together in my life.  Bringing the Healer into my inner healing.  Jesus.  His presence.  In His love He desires to help us find wholeness.  Oh, do we even begin to grasp how much He loves us?  Is His suffering in vain as we look for answers to all of life's problems in so many other places?  He tells us in John 10:10 that He has come to give us life and to give it to us more abundantly. 

My word given to me for 2014 is Jesus.  Our Healer, Protector, Provider, Savior, Friend, Guide, Counselor.  We cannot fathom the depths of His love for us, but let us begin to embrace it.  Jesus.


Sharon said...

I also read Bonnie's post - it was wonderful - as is this one of yours, where you have shared so transparently. I have never heard of this Sozo technique, but it appeals to me in that it brings visualized healing. And, who better to accomplish that than the Great Physician Himself?!


Anita Johnson said...

Mighty to Save! Amen!