Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Or Janublahy

What is it about January that makes the body want to slow it's pace and hibernate.  Joel and I have been sleeping between 8-9 and once an amazing 10 hours at night with short naps during the day.  What is up with that?!  The cold weather and gray days lure the body with a desire to slumber, is my guess.  Well, that and 3 months of steady activity....and lets not forget the roller coaster ride while blindfolded. More on that another time. :-)  Jesus take the wheel!!  We are making the effort to stay active....not letting ourselves sit in front of the boob tube for too long, walking, finding fix-it projects, and getting out of the house. 

January.  The tree has left the building and has been turned into toothpicks or kindling by now.  The decorations have been tucked back into their plastic tubs, and everything appears a bit sterile.  The cookies and bars have been replaced with salad greens since the scale began speaking loudly about overeating.  A cuppa and an afghan or quilt are not far from our reach.  The newspapers and magazines go on and on about the latest tropical destination or fad diet. 

January:  The family gatherings are becoming a fading memory.  Walking in the Mall is getting old...all that stale air.  The house is too quiet and our minds are too active.  We identified it today~ we are bored.  Huh..  The January blahs.....

January.  A time when I ask Joel once more....and why do we live here?  In our "younger years" we were more interested in the outdoors.  Okay, to be honest, Joel was more interested!  We did snowshoe in our twenties....sled and ice skate with the kids in their early years.  We missed the change of seasons when we lived in the Philippines, and drove into the mountains of New Mexico and Utah to find winter when we lived in those places.  But in this season of our lives we are weary of the cold, wind chills, and white stuff.  Yet here we are, so it is time to stop complaining and just smile until Spring arrives.

How do I look?  Sincere?

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