Monday, January 20, 2014

Meeting Jesus In The Garden

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I have not spoken much lately about the garden of my heart or my journeys there because they are so personal, but I have continued to meet Jesus in this special place to be in His presence.  He speaks to me there and sometimes we are joined by Papa God and Holy Spirit.

 I am a visual learner,  so letting Holy Spirit use my imagination to meet with Jesus is a great blessing for me.  After three years of this quiet time practice, I have learned to trust what Jesus tells me as we walk through the garden of my heart. He has gently shown me areas of my life that need His healing touch.  Thank you Jesus.

When I first began dealing with the childhood sexual abuse that surfaced from its inner depths three years ago,  I would see a huge rock formation blocking the path I was trying to walk on.  Now, that rock is small, tucked away to the side of the path, and does not interfere with my journey.  Healing has come and what once blocked me from moving forward is now mostly put to rest.  Thank you Jesus.

I used to see a huge mountain with the words FEAR written on it.  Several weeks ago when I went with Jesus to that mountain it was now only half a mountain without a peak , and the word TRUST was where the word fear used to be.  Jesus told me that it was time to build up more trust in Him.  Fear no longer was dominant in my life.  As I would build up my trust in Jesus the mountain would grow bigger and me... and the fear would continue to grow smaller taking up less and less space.  When I asked Jesus how to build this trust he showed me a visual of myself walking across a swinging bridge blindfolded.  He was behind me guiding the way with His words and His Word...and as I got closer to the other side he was ahead of me encouraging me on.  Building trust.

Another area of my garden once resembled a thick jungle with vines overhead blocking out the sunlight.  When I asked Jesus at that time what the thick heavy vines were He told me they were the lies from Satan that I was believing.  Remember, the enemy is the father of lies. (John 8:42-44)  He then showed me the roots of these vines that went over to the mountain of fear, feeding it!  Now, three years later, there are only few vines left overhead, and the sun comes through bringing warmth and healing to the area...and as I said before, the mountain of fear is now a mountain of trust. Thank you Jesus.

There is also a place right inside the gate of my garden where I go down stone slab steps to a burden area.  I can see the cross of Jesus there and big boulders all around.  For a very long time now I have taken my burdens there.  They are sometimes carried in backpacks, or sometimes I carry them in my hands.  They may be worries, anger, sickness, fears, or even people and often they are represented by objects that are unusual, like today ~ combat boots .  Seriously.  I came in wearing them and when I sat down on the steps I was asking myself why.  I thought maybe I was preparing for a battle, but when I saw myself removing the boots and leaving them there, I gave Jesus a questioning look.  I asked Him if I was to stop fighting for wholeness and just rest in Him and He said to me, "Stop resisting."  I knew immediately He was talking about a church position my husband Joel had just agreed to.  I was struggling with it because of personal reasons.  Then Jesus said, "For I know the plans I have for you....plans for good and not evil....."  We climbed the steps back into the garden and I went into the meadow by a stream where I now saw myself dancing barefoot....laughing and joyful.  Not at all like I was feeling.  I then heard this verse ~"The joy of the Lord is your strength."

There are other places in my Garden where I meet with Papa God, Jesus, and/or Holy Spirit.  Mostly Jesus meets me there and it is a time to listen  and observe although often it is a place that I also pepper Him with questions. He is patient with me always.  I am so grateful that I can visualize these times together in the garden, and for the guidance and healing that comes from them.

Counting precious gifts from a loving Savior.

Jesus wants to have a close relationship with us.  Going into the garden of my heart, visualizing these special times with Him has given me a special way to connect and grow closer to my Savior.  I have not arrived, but I am on my way.  Each of us has a special way of having a relationship with Jesus.  He meets us where we are at and He calls to us lovingly, urging us to come closer.  Trust Him. 

My word for 2014

Counting the gifts..........
~gardening with Jesus
~combat boots
~barefoot dancing
~burdens to release
~smaller rocks
~treasures to carry
~His plans

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NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, I so understand this-I too was a victim of abuse and although for the most part I have been released but I do have an issue with men who yell and scream at me-I freeze and can't deal with the situation. I've decided to eliminate putting myself in that situation again.
Thanks for sharing so openly.
Hugs, Noreen