Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MBM: God Means What He Says

Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity has invited us to write a Memorial Box Monday post to share.  Memorial Box Monday was created by her to tell stories of God's provision and faithfulness.  It is a time to remember all that God has done for us.  Looking back at these memories blesses and encourages us all

My story of God's provision and faithfulness began 9 years and 8 months ago when my husband Joel was out riding his bike.  He was coming back from a nearby trail when he saw an open house in an association not far from our home at the time.  We had made the hard decision to move from our home at that time due to a chemically treated wood foundation and water issues that were increasing my health problems.  When he saw the open house sign he stopped and went in to take a look. As he was walking around he felt a strong sense of God telling him that I would be healed while living there In that house.

When Joel came home from his ride he brought a paper with him that showed me all the information on the house.  I was not impressed, but tried to be optimistic.  We went over together to look at the home.  It needed a lot of work inside.  And the outside?  The owner had painted it salmon pink.  Ugly.  I had my eye on a different house, but over time we came to the conclusion that this house would be the one, so after negotiating with the owners, we purchased it.

 It took us 3 months to renovate it inside and more money than I care to talk about.  Once it was ready, we settled in.  Unfortunately, my health did not improve.  In fact, it got worse until I was homebound, making the sofa my place of residence.   I was even bedbound some of the time and did not leave our home for weeks at a time.   Joel was so discouraged and I was struggling to survive.  He had shared with me that he felt I would heal in this house......but we did not see any sign of that promise coming true for nearly 7 years. 

We did learn I had been battling undiagnosed Lyme Disease for over 23 years so I began treatment.  Five years into the treatments I had improved some, but was still homebound.  No sign of God's promise.  Then Joel was diagnosed with Lyme and was placed on disability.  Life was more than a little challenging for the two of us.

And then.........and then a friend who was also battling Lyme spoke to us about a new way of looking at healing from God.  We opened our heart to the teachings of a preacher with a Texas accent who lived in Colorado.  We felt it was Biblically sound, so we embraced it, and Joel was healed overnight.  I began to get better....and over the course of the last two years my life has changed drastically.  I am no longer homebound, I am traveling, walking, getting stronger and healthier as time goes by.  During all those years...from May of 2004 until March of 2011 we waited and even gave up at times on God's words.  But in His faithfulness He provided, and healing is here now for Joel and me in this house.  Just as He promised. 

I heard a young woman say last July, "When God says something, He really means it!"  Yes!  We can rely on His promises.  He is faithful! 


lori said...

Oh Renee what a great testimony. I am sure it was difficult to endure those years of waiting on Him and healing. Praise God you both remained steadfast. I am so interested in this teaching you referred to. If it would not trouble you to much could you email me.
Bless you both,
Your knee team sister.

susan nichols said...

Praise God for His faithfulness! Thank you for linking your very uplifting and encouraging post! I rejoice with you in the healing you and your husband recieved! God is so good. Blessings!