Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday afternoon to you from our corner of Iowa.  It is cold, snowy, and windy here but they promise the sun will be back on Sunday.   It must be winter!  We are over half way through January so that is something to celebrate! 

Speaking of celebrating, last Saturday evening our eleven year old grandson Eli called us to visit. He is the son of our son Kevin, who died over 9 years ago at age 25.  It has been at least two years since we talked to him.I have never met him but it is on our ag.enda this year to finally meet this grandson we love. He, his mom and dad, and sister live in Colorado.

Recently I mentioned a situation that made us feel like we were on a roller coaster ride while blindfolded. Well, after weeks of being on the longest roller coaster ride in the world for decision making, we have come to a stop.  Joel begins working part time on Monday as support staff for a Lutheran church here in town.  Basically he will be supporting the associate pastor for up to six months until an Interim is hired.  Joel declined the Interim position for several reasons, but did feel God directed him to this type of ministry in this situation.  The church is only a few minutes from home so that is nice.  It limits our ability to travel and we won't have all the freedoms we have enjoyed the past few months.  I am trying to adjust to that.

We have been walking a mile at the Mall every day, but hope to add some time to that soon.  I wrote recently that I had been admiring a top I had seen in a store window for several weeks. I kept waiting for it to go on sale and it finally did.  I told Joel I was not sure whether to buy it now or wait for a lower price....hoping they would still have my size.  Well, my sweet husband came home with the top for me Thursday afternoon!  What a nice surprise!  Love my cowboy preacher  husband.....I am so blessed to have him in my life!

We are still getting Christmas photo cards and newsletters and I am loving that.  We received 5 this week!  It is always great fun to catch up on the latest  and ponder the photos wondering how others keep their youthful looks! 

We spent an hour talking to someone about our lack of Internet connections....again.  Ugh.  This was an easy fix, only one hour of following the instructions of a kid one third our age, over half a world away.  I believe the last time we went through this the young man was Filipino and talking to us from the Philippines.  Besides fixing our computer, we had a short conversation about when we lived there!  Isn't technology grand!

We went to the library this week, but I just could not find a fiction book I was interested in reading.  Restless spirit I guess.  I caught up on my magazines, started a kindle book and am continuing to read Ann Voskamp's book, The Greatest Gift before bed.  What have you been reading?

Until next time.............


Elaine said...

Well, I'm not doing something right. My message was deleted. Anyway, great to hear about your life and a mile a day!!!! I've missed something:):):) So great!

Blessings to you and Joel:)

Elaine said...

I've really been missing reading your posts. Our internet was so bad that it wouldn't load the posts:( We are up and running now tho so hopefully I will be able to "catch up".

Blessings to you and Joel

Gayle said...

Oh, I always enjoy getting "caught up" with you on visiting! I am glad for the job for Joel and the leading, I know he will be a blessing. I just finished two wonderful books by Janice Holt Giles. My son brought back The Believers from the Shaker Villagejbeautiful photos of the village)I was hooked from the first page and read it over the Christmas holiday. It did shine the light on religious extremism and I learned a lot from that book, although for some reason, it did leave me unsettled. I then ordered the book Miss Willie and JUST LOVED it! So now I have ordered the entire Kentucky series she wrote, there were three books, with Miss Willie in the middle. They are older books, and I find them much more, I don't know...sweeter than the modern books. It sounds very cold where you live, we've had plenty of fog lately which is kind of depressing, all is so gray. Have a blessed week!

Sharon said...

Hoping that you'll be able to meet your grandson soon.

I haven't done much reading lately - life's been pretty hectic. My father just passed away last week, rather unexpectedly, and so I've just been soaking in the Word.


Renee said...

Hi Eaine....your comments are coming through so don't worry about that. I have to approve them is all. Glad you are able to be back online again :) Thanks for your encouragement...God bless.

Renee said...

Hi Gayle
Thanks for coming by.....I checked on the author you mentioned, her books are hard to find...they look good though. I enjoy the "sweeter" books, like by Beverly Lewis. Yes it is cold...a cold winter with not much snow...and when we get snow it warms up and much of it melts!

Renee said...

Hi Sharon
I saw the post today about your father's death. So sorry for your loss...What a blessing you have memories to cherish....God bless, and thank you for coming by.