Thursday, December 26, 2013

Two Babies: Long Ago And Here And Now

It seemed somehow appropriate that my sister's granddaughter gave birth to a baby boy on Christmas Day.  As we celebrated the birth of Jesus so long ago, we also celebrated the birth of a baby boy here in our corner of the world.  Little B. was born after a very long labor resulting in a C-section.  Mom-to-baby had some distress after the birth which created a great deal of stress as family waited for her to wake from the drug induced sleep.  With joy it was reported that both baby and mom are now doing well.  Good news! 

Thank you Jesus.

Yes, thank you Jesus.  For this healthy baby who has brought extra joy into the holiday season.  To Christmas.  Love came. 

 My sister and her family spent Christmas focusing on the coming of a baby.  The rest of the world spent Christmas focusing on another baby born so long ago.  A baby that changed the world. Thank you Jesus for coming to earth to save us all from our sins.........diseases.....brokenness.  Such good news!

Love came down.

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